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Contest "Someone from the desert"

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Name: Raex

Server: EU_Emerald


NPC Name: Serevald




They entered the city of Alhamad at night, thinking they were stronger. Knowing themselves as a born warrior, serevald's is also known as half human half snake hunters. They called them Suzar. It's not easy to beat the Suzars. Because the bones of many warriors before them were lost in this hot desert land.


The easiest way for them to defeat the Suzars is to use black magic. But the only race that knows black magic in the city of Alhamad is the serevald race. The Suzars can turn a person into stone with a single glance. But since the serevalds know black magic, they are resistant to this counterattack.


pixel art character warspear online big size.png

pixel art character warspear online.png








pixe bir.png

pixel bir büyük.png






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