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  - Name of costume: Guardian of fire.

  - Costume creation: I thought about making a costume related to the fire, many people are vulnerable to fire

but even asim are near him all the time, then the usual guardian of fire protects us giving a greater defense on fire dominating him, idea is to take the costume is a type of amulet that helps against monsters and among others who benefit from the element of fire.

  - Costume Description: Gets the color of fire red and also the color white representing peace on the mantle, with a lighter shade of gray on the cover, and an amulet to your greatest protection, the costume covers the entire body with a sacred mantle, minus the mouth, the hood on obtaining bone-shaped spines as shoulders and feet, showing how to costume is powerful and yet simple and delicate.

- US-Sapphire

- Nick:Tatarada                                                    Liked it?  :good:


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