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Sword Master


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Hi, this is my own idea and I hope YOU will like it. Furthermore, I want to apologize for not  colouring because for me, no matter what colour is it, it also the most beautiful costume.  :tease:

DESCRIPTION: On the top of the helmet (Anti helm) is an alphbet - 'W'. It stands for 'W'arspear Online whereas bottom of it is a mandarin word "剑". It means sword. Moreover, this month is Obon (Halloween) for buddhist. So, I name the suit as Spirit skeleton, from the front view of the suit (Spirit skeleton), we can see a logo of Yin Yang. The whole costume was made by high quality metal except belt, pants & shoe that made by cotton.

Costume name: Sword Master

Elements name [from top to bottom]: * Anti helm            (helmet) * Spirit skeleton    (suit) * Paw                    (gloves) * Rope belt            (belt) * Light shoe          (shoe)

If I did any mistakes or you are dissatify to my costume, please command at below. :) I am willing to accept any kind of criticism for my own improvement. :blush:

At last but not least, I hope YOU can choose "Sword Master" as your awesome cotume.  :good:

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here let me try to help you.



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If you look at the bottom part of the "message box" you should be able to see a small button where is says "Attachments and other options"


  • click it slowly and gently, you dont want to humilitate it's feelings.
  • you should see another button where it says "choose file" - click it with respect.
  • browse through your files and upload the desired picture, done.
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