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Found 3 results

  1. Olá, gostaria de saber onde pago para desbloquear minha conta!
  2. Good morning to all, my account Nikhili got scammed, it was not because of account trading but become of phone exchange...me thought to exchange my cell phone with my friend who too plays warspear with me, we exchanged our cell phone like about 3-4 months back but unfortunately he broke up my phone and i was left with no phone from last 3-4 months... when few days ago my cell phone came back from repair... i downloaded warspear and thought to play my druid but to the dismay i couldnt log in,, i tried hard for few time but couldnt sigin then i though ti should use warspear email forget helpdesk and chage via email..but that showed that this account doesnt exist i was shocked....i thought for a while and checked in the druid by logging a new account and got shocked what i saw it was my druid online,,how can it be when i was not playing it ... i made this druid at 2013 :'( and worked very hard on it.. eventhough i am a student i use to play everytime i use to get free.... then i tried to figure out who it was and i understood it was my friend ,,,but he constantly refused ...GM i bought miracle coins befoer in this acc via my sms payment before...pls recover that account :'( pls gm pls ... if its not possible please ban that account.. i cant see my 4 years hardwork gone in someone else hand.. i will admit it as my fate but i cant see him playing with it ... i am ready to give all details i remeber... thank you i hope u quickly take steps ,, thanks you
  3. Do not help to recover blocked us all why not .. we want is killed trying to translate dictionary for that post at the end came the little message "Your account has been blocked permanently" invested in the account ... invest time in the game we ... everything in this game to be something or someone ... it pisses me off ... I took banishment why just I logged my account on the computer .. before logava the cell .. so simple that I could not explain was banned at that time and "shares exchange account "! My account is the only one I have ... the one who wanted ... and the one who would .. have not seen anything that pudsse me tell you - I shared and changed account .. if you do not want others loguem the account other ... do not want to exchange .. do not want scamers NOT PUT THE OPTION 'PROFILE CHANGE GAME WITHIN THE' WHY BAN DAO NO REASON CONCRETE ... KNOW THIS POST WILL BE BANNED OR BLOCKED SEE READ MORE ABOUT ... Warspear NOT RECOVER OTHER ACCOUNT OF WHY NOT WANT>. HAVE GO TO HAVE SUPPORT TICKET AND THE EXACT MOMENT THEY RESPOND "BLOCKED ACCOUNT permanently Ex-Bundamole Blade Dancer level 24 BR-Tourmaline
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