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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Warriors! today I would like to introduce my beloved community, an idea. It is associated with something that everyone loves, golden cloaks, sinister masks, captured trophies of wild animals, it is an inseparable element of every brave warrior - decorative elements. I would like to present concepts of modernizing both small and large bosses, adding an element to them that will flicker in the eye of every wanderer and will cause a greater desire to kill such monsters - skins I attach graphics (of course, it should be adapted to the capabilities and style of warspear) that would be added as a loot from the Capitan Giant Octopus raid boss. Such decorative elements are an inseparable part of the game, after all, everyone wants to look powerful, everyone wants to give the impression of an invincible hero, it would significantly diversify the achievements of such bosses, obtaining rare powerful books is extremely rare, and the relics that are often obtained do not arouse much interest and excitement, such skins could be something in between. Let me know what you think about this idea, I encourage you to discuss it
  2. Underwater as always hiding a lot of mystery living of a Sea Creatures along with The Pirates above the water have keeping their secret to tell for the future generation who brave enough to explore the massive of a Sea Turtle Caves,Creatures,Pirates Treasures,Sunken Ship,Mermen,Sea Witch and also The Giant Octopus. Long ago before The Warriors of Arinar found the Sea Turtle mystery, a Pirates doing an exploration to find a treasures hiding under the water fight againts sea creatures also with the pirates of Albatross and Thunderbird the battle itself making an chaos between the pirates separate them to west and east leaving the agony and never sail comeback to claim the treasures drowned inside of the sunken ship at a Ship Graveyard. But there is one brave pirate who make a history and brave enough to explore the underwater once again after the chaos. his journey has revealed the mystery that no one could ever found like some of the creepy creatures Drowned Admiral, Levandis, and the hidden monster Inker who now known as Old Inker. the journey is not stop there, revealing the hidden dungeon on a Lonely Island and The Underwater Palace Of a Mermen His journey stop after he found the hidden cave living of a Sea Witch which controlled all of the sea creatures, the battle between him and Sea Witch ended up by The Pirates win but Sea Witch leaving an awareness that there is strongest creatures called Giant Octopus who is being awhile never found and ready to bring the torment to all of The Pirates Of a Sea Turtle. But it wont stop him to continue the journey. He been awarded as a King Of a Pirates but the spirit of true Pirate King never end he started the longest journey to the deepest of underwater to find the Giant Octopus and reveal what the torment is and ended up on a secret island called The Madness Island. there The King Of Pirate and they fellow Pirates building the fortress to protect them from anonymous attack of a dangerous underwater sea creatures. But the deepest underwater could also bring a fear to the Pirates who is been together since the first sail. One of them was Sheo. He tried to warn him that the underwater is a dangerous and Giant Octopus could be anywhere. "Captain, this is too dangerous, the underwater hidden a mystery that we did not explore yet, you have to worry about it and try not to take a risk captain" Said Sheo but it wont stop him with the brave and fearless of a King spirit of a Pirates "I will keep explore and no one gonna stop me even the most strongest creatures here won't stop if the other pirates don't wanna go with me, ill do this alone" said The King Of Pirates. Sheo and other Pirates have tried to stop him but it seem no one can so they decided to watch him from The Madness Island. The day has come. the brave King Of A Pirates dive under the water just not far around the Madness Island he found 4 Totems standing and a Stone Plate he can feel the incoming attack from any sides of him. Totem turned on and giving a signal to all of the sea creatures including awaking the Giant Octopus. Instead of retread he chose to sacrifice him self to fight with a Giant Octopus. The fight never ends till the Pirates decide to find where is him icluding Sheo but they stopped after one of them seeing a huge human creatures with a hook like a pirate and a latern on his hand but his head was covered by a Red Eyes Octopus "Captain what was that" said the pirates "That is..... Oh my lord! Its Giant Octopus!!!!" Said Sheo while screaming and running "DONT CALL ME GIANT OCTOPUS!!" "YOU CAN CALL ME CAPTAIN GIANT OCTOPUS HAHAHAHA" "AND DONT YOU EVER RUN FROM ME" the monsters coming from all sides Sharks Sea Monster scatter all the Pirates only Sheo survive from the attack and he return to Madness Island and seeing the ship is ruined by the torment of a Captain Giant Octopus. The Warriors of Arinar who explore the massive of Sea Turtle found him hopeless alone in the terrify island he was there staying forever not hoping for a rescue and giving the information to all new explorer "Captain Giant Octopus is terrifying, I'm telling you. The drowned server him, and over the centuries there have been so many, he doesn't care if it's one more or less. Only a multitude of souls can wake him from his slumber. But if he start swinging his latern, you'd better run, friend. That's a bad omen." The End. Ievi Eu-Emerald
  3. Hey guys! I decided to join the costest and hope you enjoy my costume! Please leave your comments bellow if you like it ! Good luck to all! During the great break at the War of the Spear, a gap to the abyss was open, a source from which warlocks and necromancers extracted their power and became experts in forbidden magic. A legend says that one of Moraktar's most powerful Warlocks of the Dark Age had discovered a way to evoke the most pernicious creatures known in black magic books, but during one of his experiments, the warlock disappeared and all his knowledge has been lost in the eternal silence. Some say that he was devoured by a creature so powerful and complex that even he wasn't able to control, others believe that he was possessed, becoming a beast and losing his human appearance forever. His death weakened the Legion, and thus the knowledge on these creatures became limited. But after centuries of war, a novice from the lineage of the mighty warlock returned to such studies in secret. He traveled to places devastated by the war and labyrinths where time and space were only illusions. During his journey he also learned technologies left by blue-skinned wisemen who his ancestors had never seen, dominating most of the dark magic. Even so, there was still hidden knowledge that even the most brave warriors and sages weren't able to explore during centuries of war. Knowledge that can be learned neither in Pyramids nor Flying islands among the clouds, but from the denizens of the depths of a sapphire ocean. The late warlock had been the first to study those magnificent creatures and the novice was now obsessed with the answer to their mystery. After years of search he discovered in one of the Berengar's scrolls, notes mentioning a single creature that would be able to cross turbulent swirls and impassable swamps, to escape to the caves between the dark oceanic rocks A venomous sea monster with ferocity to kill dozens of human beings in a single blow when provoked. The young warlock believed that this creature, or what remained of his ancestor, could only have found shelter for so long in the depths of still unexplored waters. He dived into the waters of the Eternal Forest and has begun his search for the so-called Octopus of Azure Rings. - The costume: "Octopus" is a denizen of the deepest parts of the Azure Shallows. His slimy and slippery beard of tentacles hides a venomous beak, capable of putting the unfortunate victim to death within minutes. At the end of his arms, there's a pair of hard crab-like claws. These natural gauntlets assure a firm grip on a weapon, but possess enough strength to cut through steel alone as well. His attire is a memento of his first victim, who dared to venture too deep to his territory. The suit of a shipwrecked sailor who now lies in their watery grave. Different colors: Search sources:
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