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Found 4 results

  1. So. I looked up in the notification log, with what kind of notifications my beloved game sent me. Two times per week it reminds me to take part in the battles, otherwise my allience will fail. (Never do it, yet they never lose ) Every Friday, it reminds me to the very "special" weekend Miracle Coin discount (REALLY special, every weekend discount) Also, it randomly strikes me with random stuff. This is the latest one: Could anyone tell me what this means? Developers became so kind they gift everyone loads of gold? Don't really think. Yes, it is indeed true you can get gold by playing, but WHY do you have to tell it to me? Just a little calculation by the way. By farming, you can earn around 10k gold if you play 3-4 hours everyday. To get a fortune of gold (let's say 10 million gold), it would take 1000-1100 days, almost 3 years of farming everyday, to reach that. I guess GM shouldn't brag about this, "Hey, bro, play WS, and get a fortune with hard work in 3 years!" Now. Is there some kind of secret stuff I missed, or WS is spamming me with useless notifications, so I should turn it off? Okay, I'm just joking, do NOT take it seriously.
  2. Hello. Hassn has got Raven costume on EU-Emerald Legion side. Could anyone attach a screenshot showing that Hassn or anyone dropps it? I asked ingame and noone could give me an exact answer. I was on today for long, and I haven't seen any messages informing anyone had this drop. I am not trying to attack you, dear developers, but we are surely assumed that he didn't get it from anyone at drop, but from some insider maybe. Tell me if I am wrong, and a screenshot would be pretty much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Now tell me what the duck is this. A lvl 3 character keeps linking shit like this in EU world chat. Is WS getting hacked?
  4. Что это? За 3 года вижу впервый раз
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