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  1. if that seems hard change dk aura to purple or white or black im realy bored of red not fitting anything except black costumes
  2. İ think most of the players can agree on that auras play a big part in fashion and as a person who thinks that looks are important i have a suggestion. Make aura colors choseable so people can match it with their sytle if that didnt come right even tho coding would be easy maybe make some different auras for every class and let em chose between them .. and this could be a thing to stimulate the miracle shop you guys can make em purchasableim sure most of the players would buy it because it would have been a game changer in fashion :) I know this is not a nessesary thing but it would be a good feature for fashion and even for market.
  3. yes balde dancer can tank anything a death knight tank and still double the damage im not saying death knight is a weak class but its not strong too yet so as a 7 year experianced dk i would suggest game masters to increase the damage persentage on skills or maybe make aura stronger like something like %20 but firstly whati think we need is more aggression on agro skills at lvl 1 thats a must
  4. 1. make all skills physical and let us be a match for blade dancer when it comes to damage (if not all at least sharp shadow skill) 2. we support our team by defending bc we are a "knight" so we dont need supportive skills we need defence and more agression + we have enough support on mc side .. if you dont think its enough just buff necromancer
  5. how do you guys think 1 month is low ..dont you care about your guild.. even your life falls apart you can just log in and log out... it will take 5 seconds .. easiest way to solve this porblem is making a it 1 or 2 months to my opinion bc developers can do that in 1minute too :) .. voting system seems good and reasonable but there are guilds that lays around with just newbies or explorers . it would be good for the community if those guilds revive too so if it is going to be the voting system not only heirs should vote but everybody
  6. how many days it takes a character to get deleted after they stop playing or die ?
  7. i highly recommend to developers to add two-handed great sword usabletity to repaer.. maybe it would became a serious penetration dmg and get better at pvp too ..
  8. for those who think im lying and telling this for reborn cheaters.. im talking about another guild -_- automatic position change was an good system maybe being 2 weeks was stressful but make it 1 month and no one ever would cry about it 🤧
  9. Name :Mad Knight / Mad Chevalier (like a death knight but this class lost the people he tryed to cover now he is just want to go berserk even without covering himself ) (i can find many names just hmu ) Race : Forsaken Usable Weapon : Two-handed Sword / One-handed sword (dual) Usable Armors : Lightweight Armor (maybe Heavy Armor too but i think that would be op for what i have in my mind.. wish there was a chain armor between them🤧) Role : Physical Damage (im thinking more of burst dmg class but maybe with attack speed build can make this class have seperatable dmg ) //: i would like this class to be natural(not just for pve or pvp) (but if not ... pve pls bc would be so much fun) FİRST 5 SKİLLS: 1-SLİT THROAT (maybe this is not appropriate UwU) Type active/mele : a blow that deals increased phsical dmg to enemy 2-BERSERK MODE Type active: Hero's Hate wraps his weapon with love (this should be the reduced mana active skill) (buff effect ; attack strengt + penetration ) (a black aura that wraps weapons would be cool effect) 3-LEAP OF DİSDAİN Type active: Hero leaps to the enemy in a teleportation style and and touch the enemy with a tip of his sword .. this make enemy frezee where its at for sometime. and the first attack we made has no chance of parry/dodge/block 4-ASSASİNS STEPS Type active : invinsibility + and first attack has %20 more pene (or %100 crit chance.) 5-PAİN PACKER Type active : character gets an effect that sucks all the damage for a small period of time while he also gets the damage and blows of some persentage of the dmg to 1(or 2) yards after that small period of time.. ( this could be too op so maybe lifesteal perameter can be lowered on this but acctualy maybe this will be the only defensive skill ı can think of and we dont need that type of decrease) *since this class alreadya glass canon lets save him from cc's* 6- CLEANSE no mather what debuff he is under it deletes 1 debuff and makes it immune for cc's for a small period of time with lvl up with time can go up to 1.5 to 2.2 to 3 to 4 ( since there is classes that can make u sit for an hour and just make you watch you die slowely... this kind of a skill would be usefull against them ) 7-FEAR OF DEATH Type Passive : when character gets under a certain persentage of health it releases an underwhelming aura that immobileses enemys within someyard for 5sc but if berserkmode is active a underwhelming aura effect goes 5 to 2 seconds and it adds addicional lifesteal+attack speed buff for 25sc .if anybody interested i may come up with new ideas .. im so excited about upcoming forsaken class ... oh btw .. for a novice costume i would look like this ..
  10. nobody break the rule on my guild ... my leader died ... its been 436 days since she passed out by an trafic accident .. and guild is just dead .. i dont know what you are talking about
  11. thx for your reply again jcbreff but they arent dong it .. cant you push them a lil bit .. its realy been long xd
  12. Its been more than a year they disenabled guild leader transfer system with a promise to bring it back with a new upgraded version but they seem not care about this. When you think about it is realy easy think to code and easy to find an new idea about it .. I just wonder why they stoped caring about this. Will they ever speak about this topic?
  13. cant they bring back the old system till they find a new system?
  14. bring back automatic position change(leadership transfer) with this update pls .. there is so many guild laying around 😖
  15. look at this .. this guild is totaly dead.. BRİNG BACK LEADERHİP TRANSFER😖
  16. i think 2 month would be more than enough because guild leaders should be online and if they are not planing to join to the game just sell the guild or at least join for a minute every week it is very easy.
  17. First of all guilds are made with so much effort and money and some guilds there laying because of their leader stopped playing without even saying anything (PROBABLY DEAD) and i find that very lame and sorrowful and my suggestion is to bring back '' leader transfer '' till we find an another solution.
  18. as a death knight i hate druids .. all they do is put me in the same stituation for an hour and have fun while ı cant do sheet
  19. amazing ıdea ... ım still sad about changing my 150 achievment hairstyle 😛
  20. i see so there s no way to make that guild alive again ... but is it possible to contact with game masters about this topic and take the guild on my property ?
  21. bruh can u re share this staff bc .. pictures doesnt there anymore
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