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  1. What's next? Rogues and bds should have their amp success percentage doubled because they use 2 weapons?


    clearly somebody, not saying names or any thing
    , doesn't know that one handed weapons r already easier to amp than two handed
  2. How about after reaching an achievement like "do so much damage with this skill" then you get a little title and perhaps a slight bonus to the skill while wearing the title?


    The title would be a fun thing to work for while you do the same quests everyday. Although to much text from names would pose a visual problem


    but u could easily hide it in the setting s like we already do u can go thru and take off the everything and no-one will have anything over there character :P it makes wars very.........interesting
  3. Disadvatages:

    Players can send golds,equips and weapons to their opposite faction characters. how is this a disadvantage

    Players can troll with dealer(neutral) You cant obtain the item exactly bc not all support a black market not a disadvantage

    More chance of scammings.If elf character was scammed,hackere can easily supply to his mc character so what ppl get scammed by ppl weither they r mc or elf get over it

    Mutual relationship,elfs and mc are enemies not friends there have always been ppl that sit on the fence its nothing new


    Elf weapons like Mace,Bow,Hammer is useless in mc .it can be transferable im guessing ur an mc(i am too), thats the whole reason of this topic

    Price of weapon increases gradually in both factions benefiting Sellers not true with increased supply its not gonna raise prices for the elves but maybe for the mcs


    if its in red its my response
  4. I feel it is needed that something like extra pocket will be available named extra storage that increase guild storage slots for 5 slots as extra pocket does  ;)


    do u mean an item that can be bought with gold or farmed for to increase your guilds warehouse storage, like the extra bag space for ur inventory?
  5. It might restore, but I doubt we will hold our prices (talking for mcs) Everyone in Us knows that elfs overprice stuff easily for some reason.

    Let`s say a item costs 30k on mcs and 45k on elfs, I believe the neutral faction price would be 40k. I hope yall understand where I`m coming from.


    technically its not over priced. they have a higher demand due to a higher population however their drop rate remains the same so due to the low supply and higher demand of items prices have been raised where as on mc side our demand is lower resulting in lower prices

    its simple economics  ;)

  6. It will go stabled at some point. True they are not making this happen, they sid it in previously. Ofc. you can hpe but accept fact :( I really want this too :)


    true the prices are different but the prices will eventually adjust to the supply and demand of the combined factions
  7. I disagree. What if you got costume that would look amazing on your druid, but from a chest on your rogue? Would suck.

    Now, if there was an option to transfer items between characters on one account...


    i always wanted this the character item transfer thingy i mean
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