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  1. Hello, i want play warspear from browser, my work network block game client connection is there any way run the game from browser?
  2. i am DeathKnight lvl 5 on what lvl i go next class?
  3. y it's not give:/ thanks anyway :clapping:
  4. thx. how i add ya karma?
  5. i got quest and reward are 1h axe, and i can't use it i Death Knight. Is there any way learn "1h axe" using skill?
  6. just 1 next hit and +20 DMG = Don't use this skill.
  7. i made donate yesturday and until now not get the reward. how long take to get it?
  8. Is there any way make more inventory slots without spend real money?
  9. I can't find enterance to the cave..... help plz
  10. i can't find the way to open "Death Knight's Secret Chest I" please some 1 tell me what should i select to open it, all what i try not open it
  11. Hello. Can't play Warspear Online From my iphone, appstore last client Version stands on 2.10.3 and game allways request me do update and not ability to play. please update appstore client Version so iphone users may also play WarSpeas Online. Thanks E.T
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