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    Avilable Quest List




    I Suggest Add "Avilable Quest" Tab At Quest Section, So Player Like Me Who Stuck Without/Can't Find Quest Can Easly Look Where And Who Should They Speak With To Keep Enjoy Game.

    This Suggest Come After I See Manny Players & Me(Right Now lvl 10 99.9%) Stuck Without Quests And Start Make Post Like This:






    and manny other...


    Anyway This Suggestion Should Improve Gaming.

    Fell Free Give FeedBack.


    Here Exmple I Made ( On Paint  ;D  ) I On Work So Left Without Photoshop :P

    when you click on avilable quest, It's Show You The Locaiton On Map.


  2. Let's be honest... All games have "bag" or "inventory" to bring items, of course warspear isnt unique in this way.. And all have a BIGGER bag than warspear... And if not they have 1 warehouse so be realistic...warspear dosent have a good storage system.




    And you dont know how many times i have to drop items from my bag because i cant take quest items from (for example) a red boss


    Y Drop Items always so suck :/

  3. Improve the game? I thought the moderators/devolopers/admins improve the game...


    When You see Thared Tittle Named :

    Warehouse\Bank\stash Suggestion

    What You Can Understand From That Tittle?


    I Give SUggestion To Improve The Game, And :

    moderators= Forum Watch Etc.

    devolopers\admins= Yes, They The One Who Make Our Suggestion Come True.

  4. i just want them back was a big mistake to do it i know  :facepalm:


    As Owner Of Manny Private MMORPG Servers, 99.9% No Way Back Deleted Chars.

    When You Delete Your Char It's Deleting It From DataBase(SQL) Means There Are No Way To Restore It.

    You'r Delate=Admin Delete.

  5. The idea is good, but I dont like it. I like the system with bags. Its unique, and i like it.


    And the idea i give not the same "unique" System? Just Not Requesting You Cary All on the way?

    And If I Right Now lvl 10, and i buy some awsome sword for lvl 15 for really cheap price, Why Should I cary it on my bag All This 5 lvls Until i can use it?


    When The Simple Solution its Warehouse\Bank\stash Suggestion


    It's May Start Even With 2-3 Slots, And Every Extra slots will cost Same MC cost like Extra Bag At This Moment, "Extra Bank Slot" ( For Exmple Of Name )

  6. So, like I've been back for almost a week now, and my God have things changed, almost noone is helping lower levels anymore (1st Island), Chainless quest, etc.  Not cool at all guy's, not cool....Before I left for the most part was Chronoz/Belmozz/ And myself taking on the 'Leadership' Role on MC side, now it seems like it's noone, with that being said, if you havn't heard, I'm staying MC, not even bothering with new class's, maybe a alt later, but that's it.  So I'm  back helping people and such like I used to (quest's, boss's, chainless, etc),  we have to help each other guy's, can't stress that enough...I said this earlier today in Trade chat but, I've helped a GREAT amount of you with various different things (Not bragging or anything), now most of you are lvl 20, and should be helping others like you got help...Just keeping it real. The selfishness stuff needs to stop, like now guy's, I say all the things above in love  :give_rose: -


    MC4Life ~


    Sad But True.

    I Have To Solo 3-4k HP Mini-bosses Alone On lvl 8, Even After Request Help Kill some boss on Trade\area chat, No Replays :/


    high lvls should helping Each others And Mostly Help Low lvls  :friends:

  7. What Is Warehouse\Bank\stash?


    Warehouse is a commercial Npc\building for storage of goods

    Instead of carrying all on you'r bag.


    Most, If Not All Of The MMORPG's Have NPC\Building\GEM For Storage Weapons,Armors,Mats And Items etc....

    I Made This Suggestion Thared After See This One :



    Ppl Don't Need Extra Accouts, Ask Friends, Ask Ingame Players ( And Get Tricked Some Of Times ) And Other "Short-Cuts"

    When The Solution For This Simple Situation It's Have Ability To Store Items At Warehouse\Bank\Stash And Not Play "Brain Chalange" (How Should I Transfer Items/Gold To My Other Char)

    This Warehouse\Bank\Stash Should Be The Same For All Player Characters With Limited Nomber Of Slots (+Items To $$MC$$ Shop To Increase The Slots).


    Hope You Like My Suggestion, Fell Free To Feedback it.

    Abuse Replay Will Be Forbidden & Reported If Necessary, Please Respect Each Other.



    Other MMORPG's Warehouse\Bank\Stash:


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