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  1. Makes me feel on edge, like an Anakin Skywalker.  But seriously the stage needs to go.  All the talk of noobs, this stage brings out the real noobs.  Here's my advice..go to middle island.  If other team goes around just wait till first guy hits next teleporter then flank the remaining.  Its not that hard...that's what she said?


    I also hate people that eat traps.  Especially those that eat traps then call there teammates noobs...here's looking at you williammtwo.  Another word of advice..  PATIENCE.. you see a ranger place a trap Dont just walk into it.  Wait it out or go around..its still not hard.. 


    And one last thing.. and I am guilty of this sometimes too.  I'll bust out 7k damage get 4 kills and think I'm the shit and everyone should follow my lead...which they should...but they dont.  Pay attention to who your team is attacking and who is low on health.  A scenario...good arena 5v5.  You arethe last one left alive on ur team.  You still have 2200 HP.  The other team has two rogues.  One has 1300 hp, the other 132 HP.  Why do you idiots always go after the guy with 1300 while the should be dead guy is pounding you..she did t say that, but still she pondered it.  That's more newb then the fire stage.  Why do you do that?

  2. All the racists and gay bashers.  I'm White and I'm straight, but there is too much ignorance online.  Step onto my block and say some ra diet shot your going to get best down, and not by me.  But because online everyone is a tough guy, people run there mouths.

  3. When I first started playing I lost a +6 weapon while using a sign.  I was so frustrated and if it wasn't for the fact I had 2k mcoins iI never would have played again.  When I sent a support email the douchebag told me I was lying.  IMO aigrind is useless.  Sorry for your loss


  4. The bats where there first.  Keep them!  ;D. Plus you use them to intimidate and show off your damage  ;D


    Pvp cave is south of nadir. 

    The rules:  stand a few squares apart then signal you're Rdy by using a self buff.

    Rangers use evasion.

    Rogues use dodge.

    BDs use parry.

    Barbs use roar.

    Druids shamans use defense buff.


    When both parties use their signal buff then you fight.


    What do warlocks use?  I just use my trap spell.

  5. I personally think arena should be like halo online.  Where it pairs you against like wise talent.  If yohr good you face good opponents, if you suck you get garbage.  I love winning, but when you face the same clowns five matches in a row. :facepalm:  Shut outs are cool but if all they do is a combined 500 damage what's the point, that's not arena, that's fodder.

  6. But were talking melee too, bd's, dk's, rogues, palas...  :aggressive:


    Yea its a glitch.  I haven't sern the two bridge stage on forever.  But I have seen It a few times on regular maps as well.  Nothing better then getting blessing critical'd from 100 yards away

  7. Without a pay system the game dies...period.  if your smart you buy mcoins, and support future development.  Once you get good enough you don't need them and th can oay gold to buy other peoples mcoin items.  But at the end of the day if its not mcoins its a monthly fee, they have bills to pay as well.


    As far as the costumes..they don't make you better...they are rather expensive in mcoin terms.  They pay the bills.  We will never, and for good reasons too, be able to unbind.  If you want a costume sell something or buy mcoin.  Make a shaman, run around the swamps and pray for a set item. 

  8. I sent an email a few days back, but they dont actually read those things.  Each update it gets worst and worst, bug my spells missfire like crazy.  Quake maybe works 25% of the time, and when it does how come it won't hit everyone?  Also my heal spell will cast and not heal or you click you cast and it does nothing.  I had a decent shaman.  I went and got all new gear, I upgraded it higher then my other items, even gained 2 levels.  But I'm half the character i was.  Fix it.

  9. Every update its been, we increased the chances to find the town.  So every update for one day only we get there every other portal, its actually annoying when u are not trying to find it and it takes you there time and time again.  Then your quests reset for the new day, and its back to one in a million oppurtunity.

  10. The ONLY thing wrong with death knights is there accuracy.  Even with accuracy crystals I miss half the time it seems.  If you have cute ideas go post them on a hello kitty board.



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