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    Preview will help to see item when we equip, cauze now we only can see the equipment when already use, :smile: :bomb:
  2. zeromaru


    IDK if this topik alredy make or not, well, we all knew only costume we can see the preview right? I sugess to make item preview (weapon, armor, e.t.c
  3. Salam warspear :unknw: :rofl: :pardon:
  4. I see in profile system only -Id (number) -Id (email) -Password -how many character u maked in this account. i think u can make -Birth day -Country -Love status :D - and if birthday come, he will got Birthday GIFT from system :
  5. I see at warspear online, many people got hacked because the security login system is low or its because that people give his id and pass to hacker. And now, people who got hacked, can'nt got his account back. I guess admin can increase security system to make hack case be low. My idea is, make Secret question like "what ur favorite anime?" and the answer will be secondary password.
  6. wow nice, vasto lorde guild, with ichigo mask ;D
  7. mantap buat sendiri?? Pake corel?? Itu efeknya pake apa??
  8. mantap gan, pake aplikasi apa membuat itu?? Atau cuma edit doank pake photoshop?
  9. Guild Name : The Goldy L ION Description : This picture simbolizes protection, and power. Wings tell about firstborn united. Sun on front of shield tell about chosen united. Lion head tell about how strong our self. This guild is one from many guild who keep earth always calm from darkness guild terror. Member of Goldy L ION is people who has brave heart like lion, and has kindness heart like an elf. Together We Can !! [move]Thank you Guys ;) ;) ;) !![/move]
  10. i guess admin can make some new equipment who can buy at shop with GOLD or CRIMSON COROUNDUM with low level (for 16 down) or high leven (for 16 up) so this game will be good, like a real war who a item can buy not only from quest thankyou
  11. [move]Hai This My Poster, please enjoy.....[/move] ;) ;)
  12. zeromaru


    idk if hassn from indonesian :D rich not only make people happy but rich can make people die :yahoo: or crazy :crazy:
  13. StiLL Waiting [scout Flamberge] :cray: :cray: :cray: i dont want give up :cray: :crazy: :shok: :mega_shok:
  14. I think you can increas function of Mail box do not only for got "Gift : From Mentor" i think you can make mail system. So people can send a mail to offline player. In i think that mail not only a words but can send item from mail too, hehehe thank you :-)
  15. Sometimes, some people want fight with his friend in same faction (firstborn vs chosen) but they did not know how they can fight only in arena they can fight in same faction but its hard because in arena people will meet random enemy i think you can make a place (like pvp cave under nadir) for same faction can fight so they can now who stong :-) thank youb
  16. nice edit idzroil :lol:how u can edit like that?? Its so cool, but some scene there are ppl making love :lol: what application to edit that picture tell me :cray:
  17. kuz,, i think u can make a new renovation for next update. Just like, if we kill enemy faction we will get some cc and i think u can increass drop chance to 2-3 player, do not like now, only 1 player always got drop :cray: make a surprise in next update, we will wait :good:
  18. increas max level please... :cray: Increas chance to get drop please .... :cray: i think if want warspear crowd u can combine eu-emerald and us-saphire :D heheheh
  19. Server EU-Emerald DOWN and all GM go holyday :lol: who will fix server eu now?? How i can play if server cannt open :lol: please fix it now dev :cray:
  20. can u tell me, are u all GM warspear want RELEASE [scout Flamberge] ?? Becauze i dont like [scout Falchion] cuz not have accuary, are u want make [scout Flamberge] ? Please answer it !! And i think u all GM can increas Maximum of [Free Arena Ticket] ? Cuz many ppl doesnt like if only 5, and i think u can make good skill for elf, all forsaken n mc has good stun (area and total stun) then elf only pala and mage can area and no one from elf can totaly stun like DK/necro/rogue u should increas to chance for drop all boss in arinar, cuz if always got sphere ppl be lazy hunt and always go to nolant for quest quest and quest !! I think u can make a PVP cave, so there elf and elf or mc and mc can fight there, if only fight under nadir, -,- its too bad and if u want make warspear be good, u can make some decoration like make a tournament, and increas of arena point :D thx
  21. info for the comic : Red Font is me talking Blue Font is My friend talking White/Grey Font is Bost Talking Pink Ofnt is quest giver/npc talking thank you guys who read my comic, am happy if u like my comic and sorry for my picture quallty who only 45 kb + cuz i take it with my phone not my pc :cray: but i dont wanna give up cuz it, i wanna be best comic maker and be winner in this contest ^_^
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