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  1. People of Arinar!


    We are happy to announce that Warspear Online was nominated for Best App Ever Awards competition in category "Best MMO Game".


    It is a great honor to be among the best games and it is a great opportunity to make Warspear Online the best game!


    We will be very happy and grateful for your support.


    To support Warspear Online just click that link.


    Thank you for making Warspear Online better, we are so happy to have such great and awesome community!



    AIGRIND team.



    I already vote for u  :good:  i hope warspear after win will update with craft fuction  :rofl:  hehehe

    #Gut job for WARSPEAR  ;)

  2. List of fixes:


    Increased magic damage for classes Mage and Warlock

    Corrected heal spells for classes Druid, Shaman, Priest, Necromancer

    Fixed issue with displaying effects of passive guild skills in window "All attributes"

    Fixed issue with receiving rewards in instance "Berengar's Tower"

    Changed time for instance "Berengar's Tower". Easy - 10 minutes, Medium - 11 minutes, Hard - 12 minutes.

    Fixed parameters on item "Dragonslayer's Cloak"

    when is fix for symbian bro??  :'( :'( :'(
  3. I have idea for This game to make many people like :diablo:


    I gueess, to create a equipment with Attribute (Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Dark), and with a special effect from every attribute, just like thunder (lighting spear) can make foe stun if got critical strike, or fire (Burning Arrow) can make foe burned if got critical strike,


    and make a potion to netral that effect like,  Frozen potion to netral fire/burn effect


    Thanks :blush:

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