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  1. Thanks a lot for choosen my costume, im so glad.

    Thanks u who wrote good words and for that who wrote bad words, that bad words make me strong for try to do better next time and win again.  ;D

    For that who ask me which program i was used to do, they r: Corel Draw X6 and Corel Photo Shop.

    I want congratulat my friend Victor who gav me the idea to this costume!

    Thanks my friend!

    Thats all, c u next contest n do ur better ever!



  2. Made by leather of alligators from Swamps this costume brings you the power of this animal, you will be the most powerfull alligator warrior from all Warspear.

    This costume have two skins named:

    Croc Suit - this is made by leather of crocodiles and its color is green like the strong animal.


    Darkness Alligator - this is made by leather of alligators possessed by dark powers and its color is dark like the power.




    Опубликованное фото



    Опубликованное фото

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