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  1. I found bugs

    DC :diablo: :diablo:  already lost a lot of tickets in the arena and dies several times

    Dead Traveller 700 HP LV 13 HIT DE 546 :shok:

    LAG :bad: after that v3,0 ta hell :'(


    to take picture to launch the version to fix bugs :facepalm:

    I'm full of hate :bomb:    Brz Rulando Serv Russo 8)


    Guando I open the game on the pc it starts to close and latch

    out the other poblema in version 3.0 :bad: shame on you guys to GM and ADM expected more of you all are with the brs mermo poblema sad ... :diablo:



    Quote of the day pros GM

    SHAME,HORRIBLE :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

    hope you fix s; :cray:

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