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  1. Hello all, we decided to make a clan of friends to be more organized and prepared events, attacks elf cities, massive hunt for hard bosses and contests with reward between members of the clan, making some videos to remember it always just to make the game more fun at end.



    The second objective of the clan is to help new recruits in need of help in quests, because from "ampdate" is hard to play alone and sometimes it is impossible for a player without mcoins kill just a ducking green mob.. and also bosses need experienced members help to done it.

    Para la gente de habla hispana:



    Spanish (spain)

    Suprememan (american - mexican)

    Sulla (england)

    Crossfit (spain)

    Reezeeh (spain)

    Ungeziefer (brasil)

    Ecuador (ecuador)

    Yunzhii (china)

    Warlunatic (australia)

    Marcin (poland)

    Mercuriall (filipino)

    Altay (turkey)

    Firstlady (germany)

    Wiedzmina (spain)

    Malavida (spain)

    Mastersea (spain)

    Berengars ( from bg )

    Sprsaiyan ( from mars )

    Keidoblast (argentina)

    Shionkit (argentina)

    Gothicxxx (spain)

    Zomar (egipt)

    Apeball (      )

    Yamateh (      )

    Luchoxd ( argentina)




    New recruits: (They low level so maybe in need of help with quests)

    Exivan (spain)

    xespaynolx (spain)

    Zsourillo (Venezuela )

    Tiobladers (spain)

    Forastero (spain)

    Mayorking (spain)

    Tokus (spain)

    rgsearinox  (argentina)

    Cruely (german elf)

    Phoneguy (brasil)


    not complet clanbook in process :facepalm:



    "Berengars ( from bg )

    Sprsaiyan ( from mars )"

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  2. Thats the biggest lie ive heard.... It would take you 200k to get strong enough to get someone to invite you to go farm astral... Buying gear, runes, crystals, signs, spheres... Etc. plus the price to repair....


    Then stop playing this game , it shud be hard or everyone would be strong, and strong noobs , thats it


  3. This game isnt free! Its a tatic used so they make more money from the need of mshop items to survive. This game is not a privilage wtf are u saying!! What makes this game one? If they stop or make everyone pay theyll probably lose 2/3 of their profit... Well thats my opinion prove me wrong


    U need mcoins cuz u dont know how to get mc items wid gold

    (sometimes u receive good m.coin items at mailbox)

    all u need to do is go farm a boss > get drop > sell for gold > Buy mc items with gold  :facepalm:


    Miracle coins are just an extra feature with a medium impact to gameplay ( pots,runes,crystals - which can be bought with Golds... )

    And i think they use all that money to pay the devs,game hoster and their needs, because this is their job, bring us fun, and someone have to pay 'em.

    Its free to play , and ppl who cant buy m.coins can have fun too



    It would be bad if we had to pay to play :wacko:

  4. ignore  ;) :( :aggressive: :bad: :bad: :blush: ;D :blush: :bomb: :bomb: O:-) O:-) :clapping: :cray: :crazy: :diablo: :dirol: :drinks: :fool: :good: :give_rose: :lol: :nea: :pleasantry: :pardon: :facepalm: :'( :yahoo: :wacko: :'( :unknw: :tease: :spiteful: :sorry: :) :shok: :shout: :search: :rofl:

    andlessemoticonsand colors[glow=red,2,300]LOL[/glow]

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