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  1. Hi , im xphoneguyx from Eu-Emerald server


    So, today, while i was doing Guardings quest , i found a elf and i thought she (or he)

    was goin to kill me but she(or he :D) didnt,she (or he :x) helped me do quest


    xxgirlxx , If you are reading this topic plz leave a comment ya :) it was good to meet a good elf

    ( or a bad one, tired of killing mcs that decided to help ? idk :D )

    Опубликованное фото




  2. Yo !

    This is from Slipknot Song and its very cool , named Spit it out


    ...'Bout time I set this record straight

    All the needlenose punchin' is making me irate

    Sick o' my ♥♥♥♥♥in' fallin' on deaf Big pointy eared elves ears

    Where you gonna be in the next five years?

    The crew Rangers and all the fools Druids, and all the politix Bladedancers

    Get your lips ready, gonna gag, gonna make you sick

    You got dick when they passed out that good stuff


    Are you sick of me?

    Good enough, had enough!...


    :rofl: Lol sorry elfs


  3. We should have another currency (Blood points[?] :D) That we earn killing other players


    One player lvl 10 kill a lvl 10 player get 1Blood point

    lvl 15 kill lvl 15 get = 2 blood point

    lvl20 kill lvl20 = 3 blood point

    If theres a difference of 3 lvls u get +3 extra blood points

    eg: a lvl 15 kills a lvl 18 he will get 2 blood points (lvl 15=2 blood points) + 3 points = 5 points for the kill ;D

    Sorry bad eng ya but thats my idea  8)

    and how bout the possibility to trade Blood points in golds or mc ,,


  4. Just few hours ago i done the poll lets vote our clan name guys :drinks:

    [EU-Emerald]  *Spanish*  [shaman lvl 20]

    Good video of game Опубликованное фото:


    (FOR PHONE) ->


    For me ?  :blush:

    I have a sugestion xD


    Path to Glory - PTG


    No Mercy  :unknw:




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