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  1. very nice ;D but i see transparent word on pictures like this

    " the bond beetween people title uoy "maybe like that,

    what is that?


    Its a reference to the guild leader profile message xD

    "The bond between two people is true power"  -Akemichi®.

  2. oh very nice emblem,phone Guy.you know what you should ve post it at last day before winning announcement. some people may steal your style of making. ;D


    I wish you all the best.


    Imknow it .. only noobs do it .. noob stealers without criativity :D
  3. "Kaizen,Join with the best , or die like the rest"


    Well, I'll write a bit about the emblem.

    The Kaizen guild leader is Akemichi. Eu-Emerald server

    The shield represents our power and strength, the skull represents tha equality between us, that we all equal on the inside, and the blood are from our enemies hahaheheh .. and that's it,,, hope you enjoyed!


    :give_rose: Made with photoshop cs4 .


  4. Kaizen member, create your own kaizen clan emblem.. when u win 1,2,3, u will get prize from aigrand and i will add extra miracle coin 2000mc-3000mc personally to you. and i will be officially kaizen clan emblem.


    Yea bro im installing photoshop now.... wish me some luck xD

  5. Hello

    I'm from EU server and just started at US a week ago.

    Anyone interested/is playing at EU server and want some items/gold in exchange for items/gold/MC items in US?



    Just leave a post with your name, faction, what you want and what can you offer for it, we can negotiate in pm after.

    If anyone got suggestions on who I can ask, don't be afraid to post.




    - I can only offer items/gold, items such as lv18 shit and what not, just give me a name of what you want and I'll see what I can do.

    - I accept Miracle coins or Miracle coin items.

    - You give first, I'm a known player and trustworthy. if you don't trust me we can transfer little at a time but trust me you'll just waste more time.

    - If you don't get the server part, You get shit at EU and give at US, I get shit at US and give at EU.

    - I would prefer shit at Elf/Chosen side, I'm pretty much fine at the Mc/Forsaken side.


    Come on, who doesn't wanna play in the same server as Spanish and Sulla, not to mention Hassn.


    Yea mercuriall...

    U give shit at Eu and Get shit at Us

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