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  1. Good we finally got a market! Been waiting for it since versoin 1.5. Its better then new factions lol. And I think 10% fee is standard for most games?


    10% fee in every game you get 50000g/quest :facepalm:

  2. Here we can talk about Warspear update.The bad things and the good things about this update:).



    Bad thing to this update: Whenever i put an item in trade/area chat,application crashes...

    Another bad thing about this update: market seller have a  big fee (10%) it should be less even without license


    Lg p500.

  3. He said he would buy 3k mcoin for 250k, so i agreed, and he said give him 100 mcoin so he would know i'm serious.. so i said ok but its going to be 10k, so i gave him the 100 mcoin and he never payed.. he said he never recieved and left party.. what can i do about this?


    " I WILL PAY YOU 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006900000000g if you give me your account and password."




    Seems legit

  4. that sucks, huhuhu ok try to p.m i games maybe i can call some players to help you, but make sure u ready potions too i just call 5 pepol give them 5 potions each , then we try to do lambert


    Thanks dude :D

    But I already finished it :)  O:-)




    You need lambert?? Hahaha just organize players u should start gather shamn first, barbarian and rogue is easy to gather haha


    I tried that many many times and noone wants to help me :'( even when i pay them

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