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  1. -__- wtf i hate this... Late info...!! Im already spending +40k my arena poin for POT :! And i sell pot to NPC for gold lol. . :D Now im not have arena point haha.... :D
  2. ur are Wrong! lmao, if u think this balance , rogue have high damage (just 1hit) if rogue use stealth lv 5 and if pvp u just can use stealth max 2x in pvp cos Stealth have coldown: 22second for use stealth again. Dont Forget, Bd have high crit too, high damage, and have stunn!!(hamstring) with chop high damage "120+" (lv5 skil) BD have high defence(heavy armor) and Have 3k HP , WTF!!!
  3. and Have high defence!!!(heavy armor) , have 3k++ health too duckkk...... _________ this is not fair!!!! duck!!! Whre developer now!! , why not give opinion or reason for this duck system?!?!?!? (sory , im very mad now! Cos developer no give me feedback!!)
  4. still nOt gOt change for rogue class !!!, WTF WTF WTF ...... Maybe, Warspear team not care with this complain.. haha...
  5. Mcs got 2bad special passive :! Elfs got 2good special passive ?¿?¿ wtf... haha . -Mcs got increase pasive 5% sun resist that unless for astral :! , just for lambert , but BG bos at elf side , GM give mcs AnimatedArmor (junk drop) haha.... Maybe its lol... -and got increase pasive 4% on boost health, u think that good ?? Hmm :! . >>Elf got increase pasive 5% dark resist that is very good for astral, Lmao :! >>And got nice increase 4% damage on all normal atak... like BD have very High Damage looolll...
  6. GM , if u read this topic please tell me why BladeDancer have high damage than Rogue with same use Wepon (same amply and enchant) I have rogue lv 18, with wepon 2x [+7 Ascute Flameberg] = have damage "350" My friend have bladedancer lv 18, with wepon 2x [+7 Ascute Flameberg] = have damage "364" Lmao.... can u tell me why ?? u think that fair?? Hmm..
  7. wkwkwk megadang hari ini..... Pantengin ws dari malem sampe pagi
  8. enak kalo gk kena trapnya :!Kena trap di blesing wis matot om... , darah sekarat... Kadang kalo ketemu ranger yg pinter alias gk koplak. yg susah dilawan ranger yg lari-atak -lari-atak , rogue gk punya charge atao long range skil , sumpah mokad pasti....'' rogue gk sebanding sama ranger w brani jamin , biar pun w main di rogue :'( . (Bukan ngeremeh rogue...) tapi w masi setuju ranger lebih kuat dari rogue... ini menurut pengalaman w... :D (mungkin lain cerita kalo rogue punya skil kyak DK , yg bisa tarik musuh itu (gk tau w nama skilnya :D ) Rogue vs Bd Mungkin bisa di akali pke set skil gouge lv5 sama stealth lv5 (cuman pke cara agak memalukan hehe + conection bagus. atak-gouge-(lari)-stealth trus di ulang ) tapi set skil w gk di focus ke 'stealth' jadi lawan bd susah jg :D gouge sama stealth char w cacad wkwk tapi tetep bd bgusan enak buat hunt cos gear heavy darah bnyak pula.. :D Rogue paling enak buat rusuh doang (manteb). 8) --- berharap rogue bisa pke heavy gear, tapi kalo pke heavy skil stealthnya di disable alias gk bsa dipake . Trus kalo pke light gear stealth bru bisa di pke lagi. Adil kan? Hehe
  9. yoga21

    Rogue skill setup

    yea that skil good for pvp with tactics, but not good for warr at nadir if u got many elves atak u :D . . I have good set, I think my skil setup is best 8) for war or pvp :P
  10. rogue suram wew , gear +7 sama +8 cuma dapat def 2.6k tokk Bd sampe nyentuh 3.6k gila padahal wepon sama juhh... Rogue bandingin sama ranger juga gk sebanding skilnya. terutama blesing ranger yg lv5 sama sketnya +5 wis matot rogue... Tapi gk ppa dah terlanjur main rogue... walau suram:D enak juga buat kbur2an... . Amply wepon jg suram 5sets gk up +8 padahal Wep sword 1hand aternatif dah malas amply, bosan amply, pasrah nongkrong di town doang mending.. Bosen di town Main di nadir war dkit2 wkwkakwka
  11. yeah... DOTA is the best.... Haha batter if tired play warspear cos not fair with amplify equiq, hahaha...and if low amplify maybe have 90% LoOstt in PvP.. LoL :D
  12. GM , Please read http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=70283.msg301566#msg301566
  13. hi GM, and Sory about my Opinion realy im play MC(Montain Clan).. I have problem with BG AREA becouse only ELF(Firstborn) hunting there.. MCs hard for hunt thre becouse at BG always War!!!! and why GM put BG area in elfs side .. Elfs easy for going back couse They easy respawn at town 5 (elfs town) but not for MC, far respawn in town 5 for going back on BG area. I hope, GM can move BG Area like "Sixshadow portal" GM if you're not sure, look at the server Us-shapre there is only elfs HUNT BG BOS
  14. i think this not bug or problem, why old price cc item is cheap?? =>Bcous its reward for old players. Same with "Low Rune of "(old rune/old cristal), Now u cant buy it again, i think this reward for old playerrs too... Maybe, GM give that for reward old players..
  15. cant bro, after restart ... Game catching data again... :! again n again ... :D LoLzz ... Always catching data
  16. still always data catching...... If this cant fix , pls stop including parth file in server (cos this make always data catching!)
  17. zzz.... always catching data.... on symbian phone LoL NOW, im really bored this game... :!
  18. WTF !!! Critical heal.. Damn its not fair! I think it is quite hard to beat shamans/druids(moon type) !!! but Now GM add critical heal for shaman/druid.. *z* now *rogue* become the worst and weakest char :D LMAO
  19. yeahh,, agree with u post, . im bored waiting for update always just information
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