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  1. Now i like ROGUE:)But if new update come then i like necromancer and deathknight.:)
  2. in 3.0 update evry one get new skill ,like paladins have:)
  3. That update make's game more gooler!!!It does not make it boring!:!:D
  4. I think evryone go try or stay in paladins:?Coz evryone wanna be OP:(I hope no mc's go c.c clan:) Give info about necromancers:D
  5. Paladins r so OP.What about others?They r new barb's.:D (Emerald) Rogue Hytt (lvl 20) Sorry for my english.
  6. Why not servers down? If servers down then it mean's update? (Emerald) Rogue Hytt (lvl 20) Sorry for my english.
  7. Plz fix mc lab drop rate,elf lab is more easyer and bosses drop more easyer.I know mc's dont visit lab evryday but still mc lab bosses drop to hard.:( (Emerald) Rogue Hytt (lvl 20) Sorry for my english
  8. Update come out end of this month?:( :! (Emerald) Rogue Hytt(lvl 20) Plz fix M.C lab drop rate:(
  9. When update:).Plz say:D,i cant wait to kill elfs!:D (Emerald) Rogue Hytt(lvl 20)
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