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  1. Guild: Born2Kill


    Description: Our guild uses a japanese style ranking system so it only seems fitting that we bear a japanese style emblem. The kanji means "Shogun" which were basically the strongest of the Samurai.  The color red represents our passion for war. The helmet reflects the fear our guild instills within the enemy and the katana is believed to represent the soul of our Warriors within the guild.


  2. Ok I have sent multiple emails regarding this, I am missing some miracle coins I tried getting using mobile bill account. I have even sent the provider of the mobile billing (fortumo) an email. I have been charged on them and have not even received an email saying how much time til I will get a response. It has been about a week now. What's up devs?

  3. a sample of what war really is in warspear, no one wins only people dreaming their poop is solid gold. not a screenshot of killing 5 elf in a ghost town



    I'm trying to find what this proved  :search: only 2 things it proved.. 1. Elf revive a lot when mc attack, clearly you had revive stone and sent about 5 waves of revived kamikazes just to stop our 1 wave 2. No one even listens to you. Must be frustrating I'm sure.

  4. The point is to say it and watch you explode which is just as amusing its like a rat trap. I set the cheese you bite and snap youre freakin out


    Your trap isn't working to well, if you think this is freaking out then you really do need some type of reading comprehension skills. Oh nice war by the way, straight to shop as per usual  :facepalm:

  5. Im more like shepherd its not.my fault you and her are so easy to troll


    Shepherd? Naw those lead, you are a follower. You have no comments of your own, always same recycled trash. Can't think of anything better to say so you have to fall back to the same thing over and over. Its amusing actually.

  6. Lol funny, I guess 5 sentences equal an essay? I thought my school was bad. I didn't know you needed so big an attention span to understand 5 sentences :facepalm: and then you illogically include watching porn with someone posting something you said.. lol wow, unoriginal still. Get back in line, its almost your turn to get sheared.

  7. Calm down all i did was comment on it


    I guess since she post a pic of almost anything in game the one time i comment you blow a load


    Its not like i said "says the person who was elf till she became a porn star"


    One time? Go look at your post history and tell me its one time.


    Grow up dude, you act so ignorant. At least she posts things from the game and not constant memes in the form of complaining.


    Its funny how your resort is always the same talk, you have nothing original to say. Follow the crowd sheep.


    You still have yet to say anything about the actual war part, lol you can't comment on it because you what I say is the truth and you can't prove it otherwise. Don't talk about time zones, I have played the game in every time zone. That's just a poor excuse for acting ignorant to facts laid in front of you.


    Did you ever see wars before warlock classes? Elves were doing war almost every other day. Then when warlocks came out all mc could do was camp at bridge, but you guys did go wars a few times which I give you props for not being scared to cross the bridge :lol: But since 3 bridges came out MC barely ever come now except chainless pt's.


    Sure did and elves still never hit inside our towns, I have been on the receiving end of both sides for war and mc was the only ones who ever actually ran through towns on saphire. You want proof of it go look up clan of dragons vids or any other mc vids before warlocks. The only time i personally ever seen elf attack the inside of a town was when I was elf and me and lordbloody were forming daily wars. Prove me wrong otherwise.



  8. Guess being too elaborate for you is an essay right? No she didn't call me at all. You constantly are on here saying shit to her and not for any reason and she doesn't even acknowledge you yet you beg for attention. Normally I stay out of forum wars but honestly you should really get over whatever your issue is  :facepalm:

  9. You have a point elf dont need so many people to do it to camp legion and you yourself are pro camper at  mc caravan so dont talk about the few elf who were on when u went caravan


    Lol gimme a break dude, you can't even be serious. Mc destroy elf town on way more occasions than elf ever has. As a matter of fact I NEVER see elf step foot in mc town not once. Especially you. Never, not once have I seen you even attempt to war. Why don't you log in and step outside of pvpcave once in awhile and maybe you will actually see what's going on around you instead of always throwing random biased insults and also stop complaining about warlocks. We have wars filmed where mc was was destroying elves like nothing and there was only 1 warlock in the entire group I believe. Not only did we hit riff in that video but caravan in the SAME sitting. Nice try hyping up your faction with nothing to back you up. Go make a war and even try and step foot inside an mc town and not run inside shop the first. Bet it won't happen.


    You always try and attack eisha with something because of whatever insecurities you have but I hate to break it to you but she has been in more wars than you have. For someone who wants to keep running his mouth constantly about their faction you sure don't put up any proof that your faction doesn't need so many people, maybe because your never there? Sounds about right.


    im replying to you because OP is the definition of ignorant, yet you understand.



    being invisible and gouging cant be avoided by druids, two rogues vs 2 druids and u say druids won? i feel really bad for you



    the ONLY reason this is overpowered is because of stealth AND gouge, which go perfectly together and cant be avoided by ANYONE if the rogues know what their doing (ie not op)


    Lol so your saying a druid can't simply turn around when a rogue goes invis and wait out the stealth duration?  :facepalm:


    Anyways.... Merc the stealth duration wasn't screwed to begin with. Its still 15 seconds + todays patch reduced the cooldown time for stealth after you come outta stealth in any way to 8 seconds which truly isn't too bad anymore. Its basically the same as it was before but now you don't have to wait in stealth forever to cycle stealth again, basically this helped rogues when you think of how to use it properly. Now its just timed gouges to mediate the stealth timer if you like combo type.


    Either way a druid can still outrun a rogues stealth, there is no argument against it.

  11. GG Man, that equipped Rondel is not a SD Rondel but a Scout Rondel,

    The Sword on the right of it is the Flamberge.

    And you sir, have just got owned.



    Lmao merc, keiz just pointed that out to me. I thought maybe pliskin was hiding it to hold back his secret weapon or something. It was a legit thought at the time  8)

  12. Thank you devs for giving us the opportunity to show our creativity and share our stories. I didn't go into this contest expecting to win at all let alone first place. I just wanted to remind everyone what christmas really is about. There is many poor children out there who barely have a christmas and don't even want anything materialist, just wanted to remind everyone of those children. For those of you who are religious, remember that the first gift of christmas was a child. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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