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  1. R.I.P Desi,


    I still remember when I pvped you in cave with my druid and you beat me 4-1, only shaman at the time who could beat me. I remember talking to you that day as well. You were extremely nice and I remember the times we talked inside lab as well. All were good times and memories and I know your in a better place. I'm just glad I got to spend some time as an MC with you while you were still here.


    Condolences to the family.


    "Look for the rainbow in every storm, fly like an angel, good-bye my friend."

  2. Contra 3 - I literally spent hours per day resetting the game trying to beat it on hard mode without losing 1 life and felt so accomplished when I finally did.


    Super Metroid - The first game that scared me with its creepy music but this game was probably one of the best masterpieces nintendo conceived in my opinion. I can't even begin to truly touch on all the things that make this game amazing.


    Final Fantasy 6(3USA) - I don't even know how many times I ran through this game, 20+ at the very least.


    Final Fantasy Tactics - This was the game that made me so interested in character skill development. Making a knight with dual swords using the ninja job talent was just badass, that's just one of the thousands of combinations you could make.


    Goldeneye - Sorry Perfect Dark fans but this is the game that started it all on consoles. I would put this above Perfect Dark on that factor alone even tho PD definately added plenty of extras. Me, my cousins, friends and everyone else can still remember yelling at each other for looking at each others screens  :lol:


    Morrowind - 200+ hours play time on this game with never being bored.. I would say this might very well be the best open world rpg ever created.


    Lunar Silver Star Story - First anime style rpg I ever played but the story just blew my mind. Lovable characters, fun gameplay, music and again the story just made this game complete.


    Metal Gear Solid Series - I love this series in general, I liked them all. People hated the 2nd one but to me I might have to put it above the first.. "put down the controller, you have been playing too long. Here ill finish it" ok for real I thought the game was broke or something when that part came up. I didn't know what the hell was going on lol. Honestly all these games had memorable scenes, fights and gameplay so I can't say I can put one above the other. I hate to admit I haven't played the 4th from lack of ps3.


    Zelda Ocarina of Time - I remember preordering this game and staying up all night and falling asleep with the controller in my hand when I first bought it. Needless to say I was emerged in the gameplay and world and getting that last skulltulla was a huge feel of accomplishment. Link to the past was good as well but I still think this beats it. I love zelda in general though.


    Resident Evil 1&2 - These 2 games are the only games I know that scare the shit out of you and you stil want to continue playing, I stopped liking this series after these 2 because they changed the feel of the series but these 2 were amazing. I would go as far to say they were even with each other in all aspects. Surprised I haven't seen any RE fans here




    I could keep naming games just like everyone else but these are the games that had the most impact throughout my childhood til now.


    Notable mentions - Super Mario RPG, Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong Country, Mortal Kombat 2, FF8, Turok, Diablo 2 and the list goes on and on.



  3. Really its an easy explanation, you got hit while going through the portal and didn't have enough HP to survive so died on your way there. Not exactly a complicated scenario. Has happened to me a couple times as well as people I have attacked on their way through kota portals ;)

  4. look whos run out of ideas you guys made the past come up not me



    sorry i have skeletons on display ( Aawwww shit i said it again )



    read it once more guy





    take it or leave it you can suck on it all u want you are babiesthat i laid some shit on your queen accept it buck up and move on with your only in game life


    im not the one scared of the truth anyone can think what they want of me it wont change a thing i did it because i wanted to thats the last you will get youre not worth the time but i have an addiction to drama at least i can admit shit




    really im out i cant believe you would run back to sounding like sonofman when you know im speaking for more than myself im just MORE THAN willing to do it


    edits all day edits all day ascetic #1 boss of all ♥♥♥♥ pvprange


    So basically your admitting your a failure at life and then saying I don't have one (typical response when someone their selves have nothing else better to say on the net) plus calling me boss  8)? Lol I don't even need to come back to this except I will say I didn't stop talking because I had nothing to say, I stopped cuz I was at work like I had said beforehand. I don't expect someone with your reading comprehension to understand though. Shit I can't even depend on you for 1 sentence without 15 spell checks let alone expect you to actually comprehend anything.

  5. Whoa whoa pliskin say it aint so  :shok:


    Lol oh you didn't know? That's the reason he constantly bashes her, its not because of anything else. He's bitter and that's all there is to it


    Chris defending yourself against what? Against you blatently attacking her for no reason? Gimme ONE good reason you should be attacking her in forum. Don't say Syntoot, you were already attacking her before that. Ill wait, go ahead


    ok? or do u need to keep trying me to win something


    Suck what up? You bashing her for no reason, just trying to find an excuse to say something about her. Your a bitter ex boyfriend dude, that's all there is to it. I don't see you jumping down anyone elses throats on forum til you see her name.

  7. oh my bad im not super pro at typing on my phone and need to fix shit and rephrase things so you cant be a grammer nazi


    for this being a game you sure spent a lot of time here in this thread


    oh my bad im not super pro at typing on my phone and need to fix shit and rephrase things so you cant be a grammer nazi


    for this being a game you sure spent a lot of time here in this thread


    Damn man you even edited this post  :facepalm: ya I'm in forum, what's your point? I got an hour to kill before work *cracks phone typing thumbs* alright, go go.

  8. God damn man, can you stop editing your posts and just put what you got to say out there? I understand your having some issues because you don't know what the duck your talking about but rereading over and over is lame  :facepalm:


    oh whoa more generalizing you guys should come together and make and new account so you can collaborate and make a single statement youre trying to 2 side me but still i dont care what do you want me to lie and say im sorry? cause im not its not my fault you are so hated by so many in both factions


    Lol I don't give a duck who hates me, hell you should see my enemy list on parallel kingdom. Unlike you I keep the game what it is, a game. All of this you are making it about real life, ya I ganked a shit ton of people on elf side at anax. Oh well, they can dry their pixel tears. Sure some mc hate me, its ok ill live. You just don't get it and its sad Chris. We aren't 2 siding you, just laying down the facts. Say your sorry? No don't expect that at all, I expect you to be a man and grow up instead of holding a grudge over a game so close.

  10. '



    what drugs are you really on man.. you guys bring up the past


    sorry i actually can remember it




    you know the truth no one here cares about it but us. i just answered the question and was lured into revealing more


    if this sudden urge to attack me about the statements about in the past are to make me look bad i dont care i never say im good im just me


    you're the one who keeps bring it up and riding it to the end


    so you can finish your pity party for her


    i told what i said its just hard not to reply to how funny you all are. you know if i bothered i could attempt bringing the other members of our old farm parties and maybe you'll still deny how much you hated her till you saw the video and instantly couldnt stop so....


    speaking of the present

    i said before already why im "bashing the cheater"



    its up to you to sit on it or keep throwing at me like youre proving something besides being a sad man that your gf prolly cut herself again just because i told that she cheats and tells on others who cheat


    suck it up mike youre at least half a man more than you appear from our old conversations you can lie for all these faces but i know the truth you know the truth and a few others


    its up to them to decide or just not give a ♥♥♥♥ which im sure they dont


    Old farm party? You mean ladydruid and a few others? What would you know about that? You weren't there but 5 minutes a day if I do recall. We tried getting you to farm with us so many times and me and lady even waited for you for a few hours and you never showed up, what would you know about any of the conversations we had? Who's the one on drugs here falsifying their story and making things up in their head?


    Ill leave it at that for now so I can wait out your next 6 incoherent edits to your post since you can't put the pieces to puzzle correctly. Ill give you time.


    Edit: Typo  ::)



  11. No im saying hes riding you and afro cock for a higher rank or maybe even better perks. Think of it like this you have a clique that consists of 3 people you get into a fight with a random guy. One of the friends decide to help you out. Who would get more respect from you the friend who was just standing around or the friend who decided to help you fight?


    Unfortunately what your saying bears no weight, he's already highest rank he can be and highest rank for non leaders is obtained through pvp within the guild. Other than that ranks truly mean nothing except time in guild  ;)

  12. Why should I? It's a game forum as I recall devs said (and devs do rule everything) a forum is a place where anyone can express there opinion and im expressing mine. I do not see a problem in this.



    Oh and btw



    He's in B2K, are you saying he's riding his own cock?  :unknw:

  13. reread my.post i added more for your denials


    oh im sure you dont remember you had to show everyone manleys removed post about pointy eared prostitute


    or countless fighting them and butchering them verbally


    once they broke up you were probably first in line to watch

    hooked ever since


    :facepalm: No I don't remember what didn't happen. Yes I remember the post but me pointing it out to everyone, naw never happened. I remember you being in a party with me, dac or tann I forget which one and manley and pointing it out to dac or tann. Never did I sit there and bash keiz, unlike you I am not one to go off and start talking shit about people like that because as I have said before its all pointless in the end.


    Also about yipi and poley, I never resented them what so ever. Poley and yipi had both been in my inbox and I had simply said I don't know what the issue is and told them to talk to keiz. I have never talked bad about either of them or even you for that matter. You just don't understand obviously, I don't care for all this drama. It was pointless then, its pointless now and will continue to be for how ever long in the future.


  14. ha well i guess you cant always try to explain shit to kids who wanna play with kids


    .glad you spoke up mike.

    wasnt it you who found bashing keiz so fun until sono released those videos and you sitting with me telling her to delete it


    and the only reason you made rogue such an investment was your camping at anax cause your enemies wouldnt let us farm


    but they let me


    i tried to stay.neutral the gold shit was already talked about between me and her and we tried the post sono friend farm party

    then you couldnt get enough


    went full.mc and were resenting yipi poley myself for not wanting to abandon elf. cause of b2k rules she set and like a dog hardly touch druid ever since


    i see you all.avoid the whole everyones in on mutli playing and try bringing the past full force. life is in stages


    im glad i see your colors. ya i just created all this from thin air


    enjoy bashing me its a prize for playing with cheaters


    Lol my rogue was already invested in at that time before anax, incase you didn't know my 2 best friends were on mc side. Dac and tannex so no I didn't "invest" anything for anax, I was already full cc set with dual +9 flamberges so I donno what you are even talking about. Yup they wouldn't let us farm because of blackdead who by the way has since apologized to both me and keiz for doing so and has never since bugged us in any way. Your stuck in the past dude.


    As for B2K we just found it basically too hard to keep 2 sides going so we switched to MC, we didn't force you to stay MC, I know I sure didn't. I tried encouraging you yes but that doesn't even matter. It has nothing to do with the fact that you keep on running your mouth about the past because your stuck in it. You mad I called you out on that renig? (gotta play spades or euchre to understand that) Oh well, like I said. I ain't got anything to hide. You can keep yourself in denial all you want. Your bitter and use every excuse you can to try and bash her for no reason. Its blatently obvious.



  15. ha well i guess you cant always try to explain shit to kids who wanna play with kids


    m.glad you spoke up mike.

    wasnt it you who found bashing keiz so fun until sono released those videos and you sitting with me telling her to delete it


    Lol never bashed her like that EVER. I used to kill her on a constant basis cuz I hated sono and hell ya I ain't afraid to admit shit. I told her hand the account to me, I ain't scared to pull the trigger. I ain't got nothin to hide man. You can try all you want with me, ill admit anything that has to do with this game because I have no skeletons in my closet here.

  16. i told you the story about that she pretended to make me feel bad gave me the gold n said she was going to erase char after we farmed for weeks to get the stuff from echinda. but i didnt care for her anymore so i.kept the gold and gave 300k to sono and the rest to natacha but you go on follow with that lie she tried telling just to make me feel bad. it didnt work then still bullshit today. the items i.amped and all the coin used because she private chats mid farm letting everyone die and i buy coin for all to revive countless times. you wanted it here so there it is. the past is the past my point is what.ive already said


    I find it funny how 2 faced you are acting. Didn't you deny that you even took that gold to begin with and now you say you gave it to sono? Didn't you offer keiz like 10k mcoins or something along those lines to delete sono? Now your going around acting holier than thou worried about her getting someone banned? Admit it dude, you just want another reason to try and lash at her because of your old grudges from long ago. You don't even give a shit about syntoot lol, she could have gotten anyone banned and you would have took it out on her. Your in denial.

  17. Actually not picking sides or anything but poley does have a point it is a grind in elf land especially if you keep a tight circle. Also in my opinion I think it was foolish for you to leave your values for something that'll eventually leave you ( you and ascetic)


    Lol ok let's get something straight, she didn't leave elf side for me. We left it together, my reason was I wanted to be with my friends on that side who also left elf side and she came along, as for elf being a grind that's quite a big joke. Elf is way easier than mc side, I have made multiple characters on both sides and can fly through elf land way faster than mc side. Fact.


    As for everything else it doesn't matter what is said here, its all going to boil down to the same bullshit over time because everyone is too arrogant and set in their own ways, main reason I stay away from all this drama and normally don't post is because it always ends the same way. Everyone has their own opinion or view on how they feel/felt and apparently every side is too stubborn to just make amends and let shit go.

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