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  1. its said goodbye not quit  ;D ;D so its possible he came back and play  agen  :good: :good:


    Nah I'm seriously gone, I quit for sure. Nothing on this game I like anymore and future updates don't interest me if they ever even come.

  2. Well, I guess its the cool thing to do on here. I have been gone for awhile anyways and haven't given an official goodbye to everyone.


    It was fun while I played, made a lot of cool friends and even enemies. I hold no grudges :) game just got way too boring for me and I would log on from time to time to say hi to a few people. I hope everyone has a fun time playing while it lasts, I just can't get into it anymore.


    If anyone wants to get at me I play league of legends now when I'm not busy, my name there is xasceticx.


    Take care everyone and have fun  :give_rose:


    btw. im usually managing "Ashe" and "Diana"  ;D  wbu?


    Lol I figured you would use ashe, I'm an akali player, I like ryze as well. Wukong is fun also. My fave is akali though so far.


    And lol pliskin, I never said I was the best in any topic on this forum even when I played so.. you must be talking to reu I think lol


    yea. i meant same. but u are going to be silly . calm down. i admit u are one of best rogues. but you still think i was weakest  :crazy: .

    also that time i had +6 Doom bow.  ;) . why do i talk about ampy of items?

    cause as jswaaz said , a skilled ranger doesnt need high amped items.


    Didn't say you were weakest at all, I wouldn't say the best ever but ya. I don't think any class needs high amp to be skilled at all. To be honest I barely find skill in this game to begin with. The game is linear and has a small learning curve. I would go as far to say that this game is amateur.


    lol. should i cry cause u dropped me by 2 hits also 2k over damage? did u do it when we pvped? Remember, u had +10 doom weapon and i had +9 arena weapon also u had +9 , +10 gears. whats the point ? I gave +1 to Jswaaz. he is right cause highest amped items dont make you pro. u need is skilled with amped items.


    Uh ya it was pvp.. you don't remember all of a sudden? That's fine its whatever but you had doom bow at that time with shadow set, you didn't even get a chance to hit me. So it didn't matter what your weapon even was or what my armor was, nice try though.

  6. iluvweed plays league now to i believe have u seen him in game?


    Naw I haven't seen him theree, I have heard he plays though.


    >i win

    >"come play league"

    >"see what real kiting is"



    you dont even play league if you think thats real kiting, your inbred remarks only make me look better by comparison  ::)



    Lol really? Its not kiting? Then how do you explain how range users in it kill melee and range in there with barely getting touched? Its not kiting? They don't run back and shoot? They don't stun and create a gap? They don't lead players into towers? How ignorant are you really? Do you even know the definition of kiting?





    1. (verb) A term in video gaming and elsewhere to describe when a ranged fighter skirmishes with a hand-to-hand fighter by running and shooting. This can have 2 purposes: a) to damage the enemy while staying outside of hand-to-hand range, or B) to make the enemy follow you so you can lead them to a specific location


    So basically, this is one of essential strategies in many and many games. You can simply run around the room while you are attacking the mob(s) with the possibilities of losing a little or no health (like not getting attacked)"


    That's just ONE of the many definitions googled that all imply or say the exact same thing. Funny since league is ALL about kiting. You don't know what real kiting is, you think because you run away in a linear 2d game where there is only 1 possible way for the person to go is considering kiting, no that's considered bottlenecking. Go ahead and stick with runescape, I know you can't handle complex things.


    im going to tell you this one last time you ignorant kid. it was the map east of the elf pvp area. i was facing towards the left wall, i can either kite you running the only direction possible, OR i can go crossing and kill you by crossing. i know your a little baby about rangers killing you by crossing during a pvp; so my only other choice was to run the only direction not towards you (IE UP DUMBASS). you think im gonna sit there and let you chain stun me with your +10s? hell no, im going to kite your little ass until you complain about me being a noob and not "pro" like your clique friends.






    if you cant drill this into your ignorant skull, ill say it again. in our pvp i could of either walked towards you to the right and died in 2 hits, walked left 3-maybe 4 steps to the crossing and spammed crossing, or i could of ran up 5-6 steps until the mobs started interfering. ive already beaten you crossing, and now ive beaten you without crossing. even if it was the elf pvp area to the left of us, i would of either ran left or left then up. whatever gives me the maximum distance possible while kiting you.



    you dont know shit  :crazy:


    Lol smh, go dig up the info of when you fought me "6 months ago" I'm still waiting, you can TALK as much as you want but until you shows pics, text or something else I think you might be delusional or thinking of someone else lol. Funny the only possible direction you could run when we did fight was through mobs. Don't even talk to me about "fair pvp" you don't even know what that is. Like I said, I don't even play this game anymore. Come play league, see what real kiting and pvp is.


    Lol I think its so funny how worked up you get swaaz, you really have no clue how you look lol

  8. mike whr are u now ? still mc's ???

    u just on druid 1times when we do arena 5x5 :facepalm:


    Naw dude, got a laptop a couple weeks ago and play league of legends now. This game is a thing of the past for me, afro and kennx

  9. +1


    Lol I don't even know why your giving this +1, you got dropped in 2 hits by me reu, funny how you facebooked me other day asking for my rogue lmao, what an idiot.. +1 that


    And swaaz I didn't make any excuse about you running, 6 months ago you never even pvped me so ya go dig that shit up and also I already done said what I told you when we did pvp like 2 months ago. You ran me through mobs, neveer had a problem with running ever, but if you like to play unfair and run me through mobs instead of a legit pvp ya I'm gonna come back and stealth drop you which is what I did and you died fast as ♥♥♥♥ there too. Either way I don't care, I don't even play this game anymore, I play league of legends now, get at me there and see where a real skilled game is then come talk shit when you own me there. Lol


    that post almost a year ago was about me WINNING a pvp and ascetics excuses for why he lost.



    how am i jealous if im the winner of the argument?


    lol here you are again, haven't been on the forums in nearly a month and my name is STILL in your mouth. The conversation in this thread had nothing to do with who won between me and you and you still didn't win regardless. I wont even explain how stupid you are. You already showed it too many times... then again by losing your phone  ;D

  11. Edge n Afro suck... jk lol where u been afro :/ been ages since i see u overkilling a defenseless lvl20 lmao ascetic.. should use edge as a name instead lol. better pop back too man help me kill some bunnies, they op still. hope u both doin good away from this bore of a game


    Haha man duck this game bro, come play heroes of order and chaos. All pvp all the time and its not pay to win. There is actual real skill unlike this. Basically league of legends on mobile.


    i will respond because your ego is overinflated :) you and your pathetic excuse of a rogue has to gouge on signal completely ignoring your dodge buff. and as i said if i bothered to prove it i would of months ago. your not worth it kid  :blush: try to learn to pvp before you mess with someone like me, it just makes you look worse talking smack to a +0 ranger giving dozens excuses :D haha did you lose with your +10s again to a ranged fighter? must be unfair huh?



    also, i dont gank :) i am supreme judgement put upon the land of elves. if you ♥♥♥♥ with me once i will ♥♥♥♥ with you until you quit playing  :diablo:


    Lol so basically your saying your scared with a delusional story your making up in your head. Gotcha. Case rested. Time to lay off the bath salts dude.


    you can talk all the smack you want ive kited your pathetic melee class characters since youve made them  ;D  and if i bothered to screenshot you saying "so what?" when i said haha you cant even signal you have to gouge on signal then youd shut the ♥♥♥♥ up wouldnt ya? feel free to call me a liar again, i have absolutely no ambition to "tell you off" since youll just call me a liar and think thats "being told" hurhur durka durka i is pro melee class ranged classes are noob runners  :crazy: :crazy:



    Your still trying to put words in my mouth kid. I said I don't care if you run, just be fair and don't run me through mobs. I guess 1v1 involves you and a bunch of mobs? Haha what a joke. Dodge is a signal  :facepalm: man you have some reading comprehension issues. What do I have to shut up about? I always dodge or stealth before I gouge so no I really wouldn't shut the duck up lol. Everyone knows you just gank anyways, you don't even 1v1. I already offered you a chance to duel me 1v1. I didn't see anything saying you accept in this response. Don't even respond unless its a time and place to duel legit 1v1


  14. Actually Ascetic and i are the same person.......





































    ...did your head explode?

    Lol i might return if the new end game content is actually end game content.  I guess we shall see in a few years when its released  ;D


    Lol mine did  :mega_shok:

  15. You know what really confuses me? The fact that people who don't play the game but still visits the forum. That's what I don't understand lol. :wacko: :facepalm:


    Lol you notice how long ago his first post about me was? Obviously we don't check it often, I personally would like to come back when the game is actually fun but as for now games boring. I pop on once in awhile but other then that meh.

  16. ive already kited any rogue with +10s including ascetic and his bullshit (i can gouge on signal) rule



    you ignorant foreigners should learn your place  :blush:



    and if you think your big and bad why dont we pvp again? you gonna have a "no running rule" for a ranged opponent? gonna cry and give me 20 excuses why i won last 3 times?


    Lol its funny you try and make up all these lies. First fight you beat me ill admit because you ran me through a bunch of mobs, not once did I say I cared if you ran or not but how you did it. 2nd of all, I never gouged on start unless it was after dodging, gouging on start is pointless for my skill setup unless I have dodge active because its only lvl 2 and not enough time to dodge + kick then stealth. So feel stupid please. Also you beating me 3x is a huge joke. When you came back the next 2 times I dropped you in like 2-3 hits. Swaaz your a joke dude lol. Your running paladin is an even bigger joke too.


    I haven't really played in a bit because the game is boring as ♥♥♥♥ but ill gladly come back and rape you again. Just don't be a homo and try and run me through mobs, you can run all you want though ;)


    ascetic admits he does gouge on signal for pvp (as in he skips the signal and just gouges)



    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Lol don't even play this game really and people still talking shit. When did I admit to ever using gouge first? I signal with dodge or stealth first. If you get gouged that fast then that's not my problem.

  18. They aren't in circulation, they are just old. If you got them from before warspear switched the miracle runes to how they are now then they stayed the same. You can't farm them so anyone saying you can is an idiot.

  19. You cant buy old runes/crystals.. you have to buy gear that have been enchanted with such.

    Perhaps great charms can be the closest thing until you get your desired gear with old enchants.



    Sorry sir but wrong , there is still old runes out there that are tradable. I'm actually selling an old block rune on elf side if anyone is interested. Pm me on mc or elf side, Edgeshadow on elf.

  20. Yes please!! Balances need to be done with melee vs range. Either give some melees m :sorry:ore stagger effects or lessen the ranged types stagger effects. I for one play both melee and range and I can literally go vs a melee with my ranged and never get touched when I have a few spaces to work with. There needs to be a way to lessen the gap.

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