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  1. for all u...erikalt was killed by my lvl 15 rouge like 10+times today in cave..he brought many ppl with him but still i chose n followed and killed him...this is only ss as in rest he respaned very quickly to statue...

    after all..im good at crossing ;D



  2. why ppl judge who is strong on basis of amplify? i still belive if you got skill u can beat ppl who amplify more than you...maybe not in arena ...but surely at crossing.. :)

    ps: im bored killing dozens of mc at crossing in camp leggion...its always like 5-7mc who wanna kill me but i kill em thanks to quick crossing and hitting...if somehow shaman gets me blinded or barb charged up...im done then...but that happens after i kill some when i become predictable ;D ..i guess when i go next time i make a video :D:D

  3. :facepalm:  i said to snorlx that hs did not perma banned him lol...didnt said anything to u


    What did I do or not do? Huh? I just wanted to say that Erikalt is unbanned and doing disame things as a racist. lol


  4. how about a survival mode....with group of 10 or 5 mc elfs fight 1x1?


    e1 vs m1 ..winner e1

    with leftover hp and mana he fights with m2...

    so e1 vs m2...suppose he wins again(very rare) he fight m3 and so on...that team wins which has last man standing....could be used in arena...as currently its too boring

    but we have to see about druids and shaman...they healers can actually come up with full hp from each match...so gotta see to it...or make like that as soon as ur opponet dies...ur buffs and heals get over...n u fight from that point...i think lowering heal can work too coz with crit heal this mode of arena will be highly unbalanced!...

    but its devs job to see,,,i can only give suggestion and like all suggestions only 0.01 % is taken rest ignored i dont see it poving success against the odds.... :) 

  5. I dont need other's bias comments here, i have rights to report because im the victim here, now if you are saying im wrong that i entrusted my rings to a total stranger


    well no...no one asked you to give ur rings to him...u gave it on ur own risk....its ur mistake bro...if tomorow i ask u to give me lab equips will u give me? if u do , then ur choice

    it just like by mistake you selling your rings to npc...can u get it back? no....

    i dont want to be harsh but thats reality...odin is right..

    Ofcourse im expectig him to be banned and i expect support to review chat logs to prove or disappove me, unless its not their jobs here?


    banned for what? saying lies? or breaking the trust u put on him?...thats not a game issue to get him banned


    at last to conclude ->never share accc info or equips unless u know him very well n u do it on ur own risk..noone can help u...

    by showing ss u can just convince us that he bad nature but cant do any harm to him :)

  6. i dont agree as this is a mobile game..that will increase file size uselessly...many ppl use mobile to play this game......and its a game not yahoo or gtalk!

    sorry but no to ur 1st suggestion

    as far as more emoticons....i agree if that wont increase file size ...so yes to ur 2nd suggestion  :)

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