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    dw, she'll pay you back when someone gives her the money to  :good:



    She has/had the money, that's what pisses me off about the whole deal.




    I get loaned? Yeah, we all get loans at some times when its hard for us. But that's what friends are for, unless something bad really happens. I owe Leo 346k like 9 months now, in which i planned to pay back in 3 months to close a year due to various reasons, yes, im sorry Leo, but the gold will be returned. Also owe 300k to Mario [...]  Any other loans? None i remember, at least in gold







    You are so greek lol




    beyond the point. but u had to make ur usual pointless "badass" remark.  are u from greece by any chance?



    xD this made me laugh



    And leave Jamie alone ffs, he fights hurricanes in real life and he's like 1 m tall, he deserves nothing but respect.


    exactly. thank you for ignoring my pm's again. dw Strain is no more. deleted all mc chars



    Rofl ws would be an empty place if everyone deleted his char when jamie ignores him.



    Well goodbye I guess


    lol got no prob with crossfit. was just mad at that moment and left guild but never intended it to be for good. rejoined a few days later, got kicked, havent been reinvited since, asked jamie if ppl mad at me he said ppl saying i left the guild. well no one even talked to me, so ya, not one cares



    Well then Alex is right, you got kicked for rotating reasons, I dont deny that someone gets less than others but I'm sure it wasnt done in spite against you or anything. And who gets kicked for rotation have to ask to be reinvited, that's how it works for everybody.


    And it's not weird that everyone thought you left for good since how you act usually. Nobody did anything particulary bad here, you are taking it the worst possible way


  5. True ,thats why im still here  for your guys  , but... need  some in next update till that day im out of this shit , another thing I got gf and thats requires my max attention but also  since my country mates , reezeeh and spanish left game ,  most of times im always alone or with darkzain thats the same xD , guild game dead only leo , kova , strain and some few play rarely and well some afkers like sulla xD nothing more like I said im out any question or help send me a whatsap or whatever



    your gf so lucky  :cray:  you are so beautifull  :cray:

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