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  1. Right now I feel like quitting the game, 'cause I just got something that I always wished of.... A gameconsole. It's a Nintendo 3ds with Super Street Fighter 4 daaaamn it's gud and soon I'll get a Nintendo Wii from my mom. I would rather use my money on a game that I can play anywhere without wasting shit money on mc that runs out so quickly... I think I just found out my way to get out of this W.S addicting!! ANTI-ADDICT!!! U guys so use ur money on something u like and can use for a really long time and still use it ;). If u guys want something like warspear, that is like playing on yo phone but better. Then I recommend Psp,ps-vita or nintendo 3ds and what I meant is buy a handconsole instead of buying those mc coins that will waste a 100$ after a few months and after a year mayb 500$ _<...love roguerer :cray: ::>

  2. Here u guys can post pictures, links, jokes, events and anything that's funny                                                                                            I'm just making sure you guys having a funny time posting and check other's post for some laugh  ;D                                          HAVE FUN!! :clapping:                                     

  3. hey it's me Roguerer, recently I were making a new char, I realized that there was a dc bug at first island when u walk through it. I don't remember where the place is called but it's in first town, south and then west, sometimes u get dced. MC's getting weaker especially the rogue's stealth, elves r going for revenge,I was thinking we attack from cave and from 4th town. I wanna prove that  rogues and mc r getting stronger too ;) These btchy ass elves r gonna PAAAYYY XD, GOOOO MC, GOOOO CLAN OF DRAGON. HAIL HITLER!! just kidding. HAIL CLAN OF DRAGONS!!! ;) :yahoo: :dirol: :diablo:

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