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  1. Game client freeze aftr making new profile.

    Freezes only if profile with 0 char inside. And i have to do force close. :wacko:

    i gived my id to fren n he use pc client and make one char inside,after that i can login without screen freeze.if ppl hav no pc or fren n only mobile how to make new profile. :crazy:

  2. Thank you for reports, we will fix it as soon as possible!


    Its not always stuck but at particular time.for example 11:25 -11:35 and 11:55 -12:05 (stuck for 10min). I can login after 36 till 50 or 06 till 30.

    and its same like before arena update.server crash every 30min but after 10min normal again.

    you guys fixed crash prob.now no crash but still same we cant login at every 30min.and loading stuck for 10min idk why. :unknw:


    PS: forgive my poor english if u dont understand. :facepalm:

  3. My dear sis jenna.

    let me tell you why i did not reply your all massages.  :(

    Because of avalanche danger in our valley.We had often no electricity for 3days to charge mobile and to heat the houses.  :bad:

    I already promised you ill give blade just be patient.  :blush:

    And i dont belive it you can do this to me and my party for just one blade.

    I still wonder what is make you to be mad on me n my party.  :cray:

    You know how awkward it feels when our tongue become rebellious against the social wisdom of mind it does very often. Even with the best of intent to be politically correct, you say things which could be hurtful,biased or objectionable.  :(

    Feel what Me and My party have felt if someone else have said those words to you. :(

    My request to you please take back your words.and im sorry if you got hurted by my words. :sorry:

  4. the thing is,, warspear is not overpopulate by mcs or elf..its overpopulate by indonesian :lol: :lol:

    but most of them a really friendly..once u do good things to them they will return it 2 times to you..lots of indonesian helps me before,, and thanks to all of u who done that  :friends: :yahoo: :drinks:


    +1 :friends:
  5. actual my permanent level 14 character has a  8 staff full moon set and I heal 140 with full moon set. But try getting rushed by 2 barbs before you have a chance to heal or shield yourself and see how its turns out for you since you like calling people noob YOU NOOB  :diablo:


    charge always not work,that barb was lucky.
  6. They didnt barbs were always sorta good. That rush skill is super good at high level. Have you ever faced 2 good barbs in arena who knew what they were doing? Its a nightmare especially for a healer  :facepalm:


    Oh maybe he is noob healer or full moon with less heal. ;D

    arena wins depend on how much weapon is amped n what connection type player uses since this game is avail for mobile n pc players.

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