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  1. Missions for elves.


    The Gathering

    goal : gather 3 xyz plants

    Note : multiple types instead of tons of one type to avoid ppl camping on one plant



    Aye Kill Ya!

    Goal : kill 20 pirates

    Note :


    Recruits training

    Goal : gather some monster drops that can make a sword x5

    Note : for example broken swords and wolf teeth.


    Trip to mountains

    Goal : gather 15 huge wolf pelts.

    Note : for warm coats


    Supplies for troops

    Goal : bring 3 hams.

    Note : quest obtainable in outpost without shop.


    Trophy hunt

    Goal : kill various types of enemies x1

    Note : this quest should have 4 types, first 2 for rank 1 and 2 mobs, and next 2 for rank 3 mobs, weaker and stronger


    Mini mania

    Goal : kill various mini bosses (yellows)

    Note : share this into 2 parts


    Reds Heads

    Goal : kill normal bosses.

    Note : this quest excludes double crown bosses (pirate cap, wolf cap, commander of damned, black uni)


    Thats all i though for now.

    I suggest giving scrolls too as prizes, because you can't buy them.

  2. tera mam 3 bossy, doszedł paladin.

    Ale co do bossów, tych czerwonych to z Kloohą ubijamy razem, jedyny problem to te z podwójną zieloną koroną.


    Jak mam quest na paladina, to za ile będe miał Commandera of the Damned?


    Co do godzin. Pasuje mi całe popołudnie i wieczór, oprócz środy 18.30-19.30. Nawet może być w godzinach szkolnych.

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