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  1. yo corey dont download it in the link i post like we shy dis its not official maybe it is broken thats why we cant play by this time it its available in play store in north america we are still waiting for it to go international
  2. kai go ahead and choose our server its not yet available in play store in other country you and corey is the first who can play among us so go ahead im buying samsung grand tommorow
  3. darn i remember when i first play this game 8 years ago now its available on mobile ;D guyz plz let me know if you gonna play ::) @ kai and corey do you guyz try it its available in your country first hopefuly in our country this week
  4. baka dhil s installer yan shy pero try mo pa dn wla pa kc ung s play store s america pa lng meron
  5. cge shy try mo kng gagana yang installer di kc galing s play store yan wait ko kng ok para samsung tab na dn bilhin ko
  6. omg ano device gnagamit mo try mo shy mag laro kaw na mauna bibili mna ako tab nagun
  7. http://www52.zippyshare.com/v/40331945/file.html try this download guyz it seems it always stop responding in my device maybe i should get a new tab tommorow try it first if it work on your devices
  8. how come it is not compatible ryn? you cant see it in the google play store? i cant see it too cause it first available at america soon they will released it international
  9. http://www.facebook.com/ROValkyrieUprising this is the facebook page guys it seems that it was released at america first so corey, kai can you guyz check it out and tell us if it is awesome so i can buy a new phone or tab it said it will be vailable at android market (international) soon.
  10. kai what device you are using i cant seem to find it in my tab do i need a high end device to play it?
  11. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.us.ragnarok ragnarok on android guyz wanna try this? ;D if many of our friends will play kindly tell me so i will play too
  12. san server ka nag laalro shy at cno cno nag lalaro s friends ntin
  13. shy that c9 is been out long ago i thought its a new game ;D btw im still waiting for blade & soul atm im playing league of legends (north america server)
  14. you guyz play a pc game and no one told me about it :cray:
  15. dk online is a pc game corey i really cant wait to play blade & soul too
  16. http://www.facebook.com/Aeria.DKOnline?fref=ts btw im gonna try dk online open beta starts nxt week if anyone wanna try it that will be nice i really want to play again with you guyz :drinks:
  17. yea ryn im just checking this forum to see what you guyz up to for me im waiting for blade & soul or cabal 2 anytime this year
  18. hmmmm looks there`s some new member of the family ;D whats up guyz anything or something new might interest me to play again :pleasantry:
  19. hmmm this topic got buried again
  20. how come this topic got burried ;D whats up guyz hows everyone doing :drinks:
  21. ;D yes rachel i really like the gameplay of that game wait till you get to mt. eda please choose white yeti side btw whats you IGN im at crawler server US-EAst my IGN is pinoy i already reached max lvl yesterday so i can help you do boss fights wait till you reached higher level and fight those gigantic boss ;D @ Pat bmili ako founders pack lintek sinakop ng mga pinoy ang US-East Crawler server and dami kya hindi nkakalungkot
  22. while waiting for my filipino friends ;D
  23. for a change shy we need skill to win in pvp and boss raid in this game :aggressive: lets try a different gameplay since this game is action MMORPG.US West-Crawler Server i hope to see you guyz there this october 24
  24. use firefox shy i use firefox browser
  25. cmon guyz lets play a different gameplay join me in raiderz this october 24 ;D
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