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  1. Congratulations to the best quester guild from EU-Emerald "perfectElf" they really are very good for quester.  In contrast, "AoA" claim to be the best, but really are cheaters.



    Yesterday perfectElf were winning by an advantage of 35k, then in the afternoon (hour of my country), AoA began to farm , they did 4 party of 5x5 and so was able to reach the top 1 (cheats). Twas the night (my country) and were still doing the same, 9 hours farming.



    This system must change, truly one tournament where the farm is accepted, no is tournament.



    PD: Arena is designed for mc/forsaken, the skills of them are light years more beyond than elfs on Arena.



    Hassn= Greedy.



    Stop crying, AoA the best guild.

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