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  1. Hello!

    Thans for sending this bug. We currently working on fix. We will leave all MC at your accout as a reward for your honesty and responsiveness.Can you also send another SMS for testing after we do the fix? It will really help us!

    [/size] See honesty always the best policy :friends:

  2. So, what is the problem and for what country?


    michael in the uk its possible to get mc without paying by sms i just tried and got 220 without paying  :(  I dont want to post how but tell me where to send and i send screen shots to show you why
  3. this is your problem, if you do not write to support, but spamming every topic.

    And your account wotspoolххх@ххххх.хх.uk already used one gift code.


    All problems MC-related problems can be solved ONLY via support.


    im trying to help here by telling you there is a way to get free mc by sms if you dont want to know fine by me  :good: also i said thanks for the 70 mc i got from code it has nothing to do with that lol
  4. who cares who get banned you all take forum and peoples opinions way too serious anyway it doesnt matter who mod lol sword siwers mioko it doesnt matter just let them get on with it like me ok we all equal doesnt matter about being mod/admin/dev just wish some would learn that  :drinks:  peace to all  8) \m/

  5. it was fun for me. ashu died few times and you were running away from me while like 4 elves were aiming at me  :lol:


    i was there i didnt aim at you  :blush:
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