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  1. Hi all!


    Playing several chars my impression of mage is that the delay time for activate skills ist highest in game. Compared with priest or pala its like driving a 50 year old mercedes with servo stearing vs. driving a sportscar...


    It cant be the connection to internet cause i use same connection for all chars ;)


    During farming mobs it's irrelevant but: in arena or during pvp half a second delaytime (sometimes more...) for mage means mage is dead.


    As a programmer I think that the order of procedure calls (graphics, actions, counters, ...) is different or the first called procedures simply takes longer for mage than in other classes.


    Am I the only one with this impression?


    Feel free to comment.


    Best regards!

  2. Yes. I offered 3 cc costumes (700 + 500 + 300cc, each free choise) to get this cloak but noone has to sell it...


    And i would buy a 2nd one for my priest as well ;)


    So if someone want this deal (EU-Emerald elf) pm pls  ::) .


    Or how about a surprise chest for each mage?  :crazy: (just kidding...)



  3. Hi all! Dear developer!


    Like i promised: here the 2nd poll to vote about my revolutionary comfort ideas  ;D .


    This poll is not only in case of my other idea (filling exchangeslots with up to 50 same items in one turn) cant be realised. If u have to exchange 5 different items it makes sence as well. You allready skipped the other content of your bag and looking for next item/s to exchange. Why to start grabbing your pocket at first slot again?


    Like always: feel free to discuss my suggestion


    Best regards


  4. Hi all! Dear devoloper!


    Cause of my earlier post "Some 'little' changes which would make WS more comfortable" with its 100% positiv resonance so far i add this poll so all can vote for/against my revolutionary ideas.  ;D


    The changes will be small but very effectiv. Exchange player to player will become same comfortable like putting more than 10 of same item into warehouse,


    Today for example i had to exchange 120 eternal dust when my 100 slot pocket was nearly full. One word: HELL!  :diablo:


    Feel free to comment my suggestion!


    Best regards!




  5. Hi all! Dear developer!


    Cause of the permanent increase of displayresolutions of smartphones the buttons to aktivate skills getting smaller and smaller.


    I wear glasses and activate skills with my thumb.


    In normal/relaxed situations its not a problem for me to hit the right skill button. But in arena or at lab when action increase it often happens to me that i hit the wrong skillbutton or the border of display where phonefunctions are activated.


    This little mistake can end deadly for me or one of my partymembers.


    My suggestion: In game settings able/disable larger skill buttons AND able/disable system buttons besite display.


    5 skillbuttons on 1st/4 skillbuttons on 2nd site are ok. BUT: Noone really needs a "menu" button as big as a minivan  :facepalm:


    So if u would enlarge the skillbuttons by 25 or 50% and make the menu button a bit smaller all will be fine  :clapping: .



    Feel free to discuss my suggestion.


    Best regards!

  6. Hi all! Dear game maker/developer!


    Playing WS for 3 years now with several lvl20 chars i allow me to post some little changes i  can imagine to make this fantastic game even a bit more fantastic.


    1. All my chars have 100 slots in pocket. And its not enough! But 150 or 200 slots arent the solution in my opinion. Exchange of items would take to long if u have to search/scroll 200 slots to find the items. I think if the deep of the slots could be extended to 20/30/40 instead of 10 (remember 10% cards or dark fool cabs with 20 possible items per slot) all pocket problems are solved.


    The pocket extension could be a mcoin-item (money dear GM  :shok: ) or an item avaiable in any shop for gold...


    2. The exchange of items with deeper slots would become much more comfortable. If u could exchange 50 same items in one slot (like u can buy 40 fireworks in one act or put 100 same items in guild warehouse) exchange would become much faster and comfortable.


    Even important: some expensive items like sd-weapon are payed from buyer by mcoin-items like signs or extra pockets. If price is higher than f. e. 50 signs u have to exchange in 2 or 3 turns and there is always a scamming risc. This problem is solved with deeper exchange slots.


    3. Many player collect all drobs, if questitem or not. To kill a 2k mob takes a second or two. But dieing of mob takes (feeled) half an hour (griffins...) (i knowingly overdraw), than wait again till mark dead mob gets possible and chose 'collect all' takes another second.


    How about an autocollect option to able/disable in game settings. So player can kill 3 more mobs in same time and doesnt have to wait till mob decided to reach the ground  ;D . For 'normal' player this might be unimportant but player who do all dailies with more than one or two chars could win several hour per week to participate in real life besite WS... (yes, i really heard about it...)


    If GM want to become rich u can offer this feature buy additional collect-scroll in m-shop. But it would be very kind from you if this option would be free  :good: .


    All this changes could be programmed easily (yes, i am a programmer) and hundreds of thousand players will love you, dear GM (i'm not responsible for hundreds of proposal of marriage which will reach u...  :pardon: ).


    Feel free to discus/comment my suggestions - and: I dont feel bad about my bad english. Pls excuse...


    Best regards!



    For GM only: please contact me to get my ID to credit 1% of the additionaly sold mcoins...  :blush:

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