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  1. hi, i dont know why but when i am ingame i will press earn miracle coins. it will take me to the selection of two diffrent offer methods. i will click one and my phone will freeze. i am using a "samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g touch"


      -sincerely Jordan.

  2. 1 jordant907


    2 Jordan Taylor


    3 23


    4 United States of America


    5 I have finished high school and working towards a degree in computer science, and a bachelor's degree.


    6 yes, I have worked with Eve online.


    7 well, not forum moderation but in game moderation I have nice experience in.


    8 I have just recently started being active again, about 1 or 2 hours a day.


    9 in my opinion the moderator job is all about ensuring that the players/users have a good time & follow the terms of agreement.


    10 I believe a good event would be a " draw my life " sort of event.


    11 A fun contest that I could think of would be to create new classes, skills, costumes, weapons, items, etc. whoever has the best ideas would win Some type of currency in game.


    12 I am applying for this position because I have fresh new ideas to bring to Warspear and the forum.


    13 I really don't care as long as I can read it :D


    14 No.


    15 U.S. Sapphire, Jtt, no guild.

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