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  1. Agree 100% if noobs stopped spamming naked ws would be a bit more balanced. Oh yes and the skills. That's just old annoying. Spam root I've heard of from my MC friends and the full map stun from bds. If ws wants to make both sides fair.. Let's do it all not Nerf one and weeks later fix it. Just saying.





    PS. I would like higher damage on my expert skill as mage.  ;-)

  2. Dear GM,

    The Joker quest is nearly impossible. (8hours yesterday I tried) It definitely needs more jokers with faster spawn rates. I also would like to suggest an auto boot button for those that receive the jokers card. I believe people are "farming" the boss which is not fair to those who really need the quest. Idk just few suggestions. Over all awesome job guys. Go Aigrind! :yahoo: :give_rose:

  3. Update is amazing!! Awesome job Warspear!!


    I have one suggestion regarding guilds. We really need a member settings to adjust permissions. It's a real pain when anyone can accept members. And as for the future member permissions would be even more so.useful and important to help against thieves hacks and scammers. Just a suggestion. :) OH and mcoin to gold trade at dealers would be crazy awesome!! Thanks again!!  :rofl: >:D :drinks: :friends: :give_rose: 8)  :rofl:

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