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  1. Best crossing shamans is spanish and jayythugg and hornig

    Best crossing rouges is crossfit and sulla

    Best crossing druid is breakout or knox

    Best crossing warlock is tocino aka sulla or knoxs or brox and tilltheend

    Best crossing mages is neromage and dadinho and xlovelyx

    Best crossing ranger is jaythug

    Best crossing BD is zethu

    Best crossing DK is vanityx


    Haven't really seen anyone else cross with other charecters except these. Anyone else who wanna put up a list just comment 8)

  2. I would go with mage, my mage hits a 1.2k crit with fireball and he's a lvl 17, teleport hits almost a 900 crit and shatter hits like a 750. Mages are op with damages. Don't get me wrong warlocks are very strong to with there fear and cirlces, if u know how to use mage u will smash any warlock, trust me 8)

  3. Thank you beautiful, I know u have a lot of hard work on this thread keep it up! Just wanted to add a litttle thing.  :yahoo:


    Oops,I didnt'know about Peuppi's hystory.

    In any case I wrote that if somebody is in my scammer list by mistake,just post it's here and i will remove.

    In any case,thanks for tell me,I will try to change the scammer list look

    In any case i don't want t remove most of the name,but i can write in one place the ones of who I'm sure of and the ones that there is no proves in another part of the post.

    Damn it,scammer are really much,every day i got more and more names... :facepalm: 

    I hope to can adjuste the post, and make it better ;)


  4. Ever sence you guys sent out that manual update for android the 3.2.1 its been force closeing so this problem been going on for almost 2 weeks, then I thought u guys fixed it when the 3.3 came out but it still force close, so look in to this for me thank you. Been like this for awhile. :facepalm:

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