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  1. Finished FFXIV ARR Beta yesterday and it was awesome so i pre ordered jason.cant u preorder from the square enix site? If u do u get early access. im on Coeurl server. its a north american server so if u dont want that let me know .



    P>S> Hi everyone Happy belated birthday to anyone i missed. hope everyone is doing fine. also Guild wars 2 is having a free trial coming up so if u want to play with me for a few days sign up. Im on DESOLATION SERVER. Let me know.

  2. Jas i dwnloaded it but havent played cuz u guys didnt pick a server. But the reviews say its just like the pc one just  less classes,3 to be exact.


    Btw using a samsung gs2 .(getting a gs4 when it hits the US in may) # cantwait


    Shy whats ur ign and server?

  3. Server: desolation. IGN: razielkadis or hitsugaya kai.or scarlett siren. Any of those will send the message to me so it doesnt matter which one u use.



    Jas gonna chk it out now any server or anything? And whats ur ign?

  4. @eregion and all I'm playing guild wars 2 right now . My best pvp war ever. Open World vs world its mind blowing have so many things u can do that u get kinda confused cuz u don't know what u want do first. Mehn awesome. Finally got an app that let's me play any PC game using my phone as a controller.


    What's everyone up to?

  5. I signed up and I just forund an app hat let's me control my mouse and keyboard from my smartphone even while playing PCgames right now I'm playing Atlantica it nice . If anyone comes on I'm on sikyon server name ORPHEN00 check it out.

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