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  1. Devs should not remove life seals, but make them a bit different. Instead of needing to buy them there would be an option to instantly revive, however it will remove some ap earned in that battle.

    It should decrease the use of them due to the fact that using it a lot would be much more expensive.

  2. Trying to change something that's been for a while ( aggro system) is sometimes a good thing. However not in this game. I just recently went kronus dungeon which was the first time after the new update. So now everytime i heal someone most mobs jump and attack me (and necromancer as well). Dungeons are nearly impossible to complete now. I would think that removing aggro from healing would be the best solution because it makes no sence for heal to be counted as damage..and aggro mobs.

  3. As we all prbably know druid has some great healing skills , so i bet shamans will get one too. Aoe heal is, in my opinion, the best option. It could be like warlocks dark circle or it could effect all pt members ( including the caster) in the same area. It would heal some ammount of hp over time for 5-10sec.

  4. Hello, since the new skill updates i noticed the lack of hotbar space. All 9 of them are occupied by skills and still not all of them can fit there, not to mention potions and some other items, so i would like to suggest to add more slots to hotbars or even double the ammount of hotkeys that are now.

  5. This is just a question considering how the guild merchant works....does it only trade if u are in a tourney guild or to just every1...cuz if available to every1 i find it quite humorous that several people paid a lot of money for these costumes in tourney and now can be bought at the merchant for 2k(i think)cc so just wanted to know whether it is temp and whether all people can use


    I feel sad for previous tourney members  :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:



    Well the costumes cost not 2k, they cost  4k,5k,6k cc depending on the colour. And yes anyone can buy them, but to get 4k-6k cc will take time..

  6. But missions to Irselnort.


    Hello Team Warspear. Would you be added in Irselnort Quests but mainly for some boss who are forgotten, please create quests for Maraksha boss, Dinalt, Kratt and Genie. Thanks for Attention



    There are quests for those boses just not daily quests, although it would be nice if they would make them daily.

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