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[2019.08.15] Great Battle for territories 16.08


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We are pleased to announce that on August 16 , in honor of the opening XXXlV season of the Arena, the traditional Great Battle for Territories will take place.
Anyone who is ready to defend the honor of his union, we are waiting on the lands of Irselnort!



3 taken territories:
- increasing of resilience, physical and magical strength by 10%
- increasing of arena points gain by 10%
2 taken territories:
- increasing of max HP and energy by 10%
- increasing of arena points gain by 10%
1 taken territory (or 2:2):
- increasing of HP and MP regeneration by 30%
- increasing of arena points gain by 10%
Incentive prize (0:0; 0:1; 0:2; 0:3)
- increasing of physical and magical defense by 10%
All bonuses may be summarized, except for the incentive one.
Rewards will be active for 3 days.

Good luck in the battle!

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