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Lack of players : us mc side

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11 hours ago, Avamanyar said:

Huhu mc player is demanding things again. You should advertise the game internationally so many players can join mc side. Very stupid to think hat limited faction choosing should implemented. Mc side sucks, most players wont help you because they are mcoin users. 

im a f2p and i dont have time to help because i need grind for the gear in order to get able to do the upcoming things and that makes me only able to help like maybe once a week.


the limited faction choice in us-saffire WAS implemented but it was because the situation was ridicolous, u could see that the mcs were 4 cats repect to the horde of elves, now its no more because there is a little of balance.


but yes there should be some advertising for ws since as we can see the new player income is low (the lv20 farmers/grinders in mc side are essentialy gone, only few stays) and when they join thier only target its to rush trought all content whiout thinking twice to grind for a bit (and count that any class in the game cant simply instantly eat trought the content, you already need menage all ur resources right for reach the irselnorth questline alone and some classes, mostly the damagers, just cant till lv9 or event time due to no huge/endless source of potions)


the population balance is also essential when its a faction vs faction online rpg like warspear because if one side grows too much over another the lower one will slowy become unplayable due by more players going in the opposite side it will be more  likely to be one side to have an overwhelming amount of players and just win the battle of territories by making an masscharge to the enemy, even if sometime it has to be extreme like the character creation block on the specific server for have some balance, but i consider advertising is better or simply add some support to solo the things (daily quests from the start, minions or potions in the store till the start or get potion from the previosly said daily quests) in order to allow players to make thier own way alone whiout being forced to call for help, wich would allow at the same time to the faction that dosent have much helpers for whatever reason to grow due to players that does the thing by themselves.


in the short, f2p need grind thier ass to grow wich means near to no time for helping, factions must stay balanced when nedded even in extreme ways, and there should be something in the game that allows to completely do it alone (for free) with eught effort from the start and always whiout having to wait for special events in order to prevent to the over population unbalance to happen in first place

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Pearl is the server that needs to be merged 

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