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[2019.08.09] Event "Invasion of Chaos": the schedule and detailed guide

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The Mermen’s fears came true — the rifts, where the ancient evil lurked, opened! Now the inhabitants of the sea will need the help of the bravest warriors of Arinar every day, to hold the forces of chaos, trying to break through!


For your convenience, we have prepared this lengthy post, to tell you in detail about this guild event and guide you through the battle with the spawns of chaos.


We will start with the schedule, because the event will start at different times every day, dependng on the day of the week. The event’s schedule:




At the specified time, several event entrances, rifts will open on the territory of the underwater sector. Please keep in mind that you will need time to get to one of them.


To remind you, the main goal of this event is to kill as many monsters as possible, to reach a prize place. For each defeated spawn of chaos you will gain points, depending on the strength of the defeated creature. 

  • For the first 5 minutes of the event start on the dedicated territory there will be regular monsters, that aren’t too difficult to defeat, but will only award 2 points each. They will respawn every 25-50 seconds.
  • After 5 minutes, strong and elite monsters will come out of the rift, for defeating which you will receive 6 and 25 points respectively. They will respawn every 60-140 seconds, depending on the level and difficulty.
  • After 15 minutes all four bosses will appear from the rift: Jormungandr, Nidhogg, Ouroboros and Typhon. You will find them on the central locations of the event territory. For killing each of the World Wurms, the guild will be awarded 5000 points.
  • The most important stage of the event begins at 20 minutes. At that point, the two ancient Princes of Chaos, Nyar-Aton and Sar-Saggot, emerge from the rift. Defeating each of them will be rewarded with 12500 points

Keep in mind that bosses and raid bosses will not respawn, so try to get to them first, in order to get as many points as you can and win the prizes!


Main prize places: 


1st place:

- Mermen of the Depths reputation - 600 units

- Treasury of Chaos

- Absolute Fury buff 


2nd place:

- Mermen of the Depths reputation - 400 units

- Treasury of Chaos

- Absolute Fury buff 


3rd place:

- Mermen of the Depths reputation - 300 units

- Treasury of Chaos

- Absolute Fury buff


4th place:

- Mermen of the Depths reputation - 200 units

- Treasury of Chaos

- Absolute Fury buff 


5th place:

- Mermen of the Depths reputation - 150 units

- Treasury of Chaos

- Absolute Fury buff 

Every warrior will be a winner in this event: the reputation with the Mermen of the depths will be awarded to every single participant, starting at 20 character level, and having been on the event territory for at least 30 seconds, no matter their guild’s placement in the tournament.

Prepare for the battle with the spawns of chaos!


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You gotta be kidding me :facepalm:... What's the point of making different times if all of the times are practically the same? What's the point in 1 hour difference between some days? With those set times, if someone can't log in for the event on a specific time because of sleep or work for example, he just can't log at all days and will miss out on a lot of reputation and chests. Why not make more separated times for different days (like 3 - 4 - 7 - 12 - 16 - 20 -24), so some people don't be at a disadvantage.

I guess since I can't wake up to log at 3 a.m, I'll never get to experience this event and I'm gonna miss out on a lot of reputation. Unless... Maybe I share my account :smile:


I know you might have chosen those times because they probably have the highest activity on the server, but with such events that give long term advantages, I don't think that should be the concern over fairness for the maximum amount of players.


Also I know that it's a US server and those times suit that area, and there is a server for EU with better time for people in Europe.

To that I say: Really... First of all, as if 100% of US server players are from the US, I'm willing to bet they are not more than 10% of active players.

Secondly, even though it's a suited time for the US, there will be players in the US that will never be able to participate at that specific times, and that's putting in them in disadvantage.

And oh yeah, lemme just change server just because of this event... I'll just delete my 8 year progress in US server and change over to EU... Just for this event.


K im done pls halp.

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