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Connection with server has been lost - wi-fi


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After this maintance, im having problem to conect on wi-fi connection, it aways says: "Connection with the server has been lost" when i try to log in with any char, but i tryed it with 3g, i connected! But 3g is too slow and instable, when wi-fi is pretty good. Any one more having same problema? Any dev can read this? *z*

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Yep, i have that problem too. I have fi-wi too and when I try to click on the big Play button for 1st time i start the game, it writes this: Connection with server has been lost. But when I do it 2nd time it writes this after choosing a character and clicking on dat green little button play. And after these 2 things it doesnt write anything and I can play but its pretty annoying. Dunno what it is.  :nea: Anyone fix this ?

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