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--paladin arena !


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:bad: come On! dnt invite me, maybe u dnt undrstand ur aura skill , tsk! THE AURA, it will not work at class that have no heal skill, yea u cn see the status effect but its useless at ranger,mage, and bd, Read the discription carefully, so stop inviting me, okay thankyou, @ALL PALADIN

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>:D i just encountered an spoiled paladin that he said he will make us lose at arena if i dnt join to his party, and darn it, after it he explain why oh xhit i get mad what , and when i pm bck im just ignored, what the hell that thing! err

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Paladins have heal skill. For healers it is interesting to see how many health the midplayer has left.



I actually don't know if heal of a paladin on another player who is not in party gets increased by aura (but i think not).

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noo, even without party or with, the paladin that using aura will increase it heal even he/she will use it the person in party or not, or etheir with status or without status of that aurah, its only for healer,

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It Increases how much I CAN HEAL YOU. or how much OTHERS can HEAL YOU.

without aura 600 with aura  800 is THIS TO HARD to understand it increases HOW MUCH YOU RECEIVE from Me trying to help win when they invite you. I have tested it its how it works I can heal you for more if you are in my party with aura on accept the invite. Derp " know your class paladins you don't need party for aura" YES YES YOU DO BECAUSE IT INCREASES THE HEALING AFFECTS YOU RECIEVE FROM HEALERS IN YOUR PARTY....HEALERS IN YOUR PARTY ... I HAVE HEAL ...ANYONE HOME. DEVS PLEASE FIX AURA YOUR PLAYERS DON'T UNDERSTAND IT.

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Aura is a critical factor of my build

I stack astral jewelry so I can heal for more

I have aura and heal at 5

This is the singlemost frustrating issue of the class

Sorry for getting angry but its constant.

I will explain very very slowly.

If I do.basic heal on random person outside of party I can heal 700 ish high crit.

If I am in party with them under the affect of aura I can heal them for high crit of 900

Yes if I have 5 aura and someone elses casts heal on you from inside the party it will increase the heal they cast on you.

I will simplify further.

Outside party aura useless inside party aura good.

Imagine having your class built to help your allies to the best of your ability.

Imagine investing thousands into jewelry and gear so you can help your allies.

Imagine it requiring only their accepting you into the party to work.

Now imagine getting.that one thing denied out of ignorance over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

I don't bother inviting any more you ignorant players get75 % of my heal if you get it at all because I can't see your life bar and I use it for myself.



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