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[2012.12.11] «Warspear Online: Crossroads of Destiny» 3.4 release date announced

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Yea dats really good,,,,,, :good:


:diablo: And are you making Barbarians powerful or not??? :unknw:

If u do i'll give an address of Hot gal!! What say??? :spiteful:



their is update that barb was op and that update was in rank era idk if barbarians have a chance to beacame op agen

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Dear players!


AIGRIND company announces release date of an update of the best mobile MMORPG “Warspear Online: Crossroads of Destiny” 3.4 for Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Mobile, and PC. The game will go live on 18th of December 2012. In this update players will celebrate the World Creation Holiday, festive territory Snow Boundaries, many daily quests, Critical Enchantment and possibility to change skin of weapons.


Arinar is preparing for the World Creation Holiday. However this time the White Wanderer did not hastens to send deer carts to the cities. More than that, a truly alarming news come from Show Boundaries. The ruthless Ice Queen, having appeared as if would out of nowhere, threatens to turn the of possession the White Wanderer into a lifeless ice desert. Witchcraft of Queen has managed to even return the Avenger from nonexistence - the ancient dragon of Hidden Sanctuary. Who dare to challenge the Ice Queen and her servants? Where is the Hero which will save the long awaited holiday?


World Creation Holiday


The new christmas territory Snow Boundaries with unique quests. You will help Show Elves and the White Wandered, and receive experience, useful items and chests with pleasant gifts!


Epic Quest for 16-20 level players


High-level players will join in fascinating battle with the Ice Queen and her minions in the Heart of Ice Halls.


Tavern "Jolly Snowman"


New PvP area for players 2-12 levels with daily quest.


Critical enchantment of items


Mechanics of item enchantment is changing.  Now when you insert runes and crystals in item slots, sold in the Miracle Shop, there is a chance to get additional bonus.


Decorative skins


Now players have ability to change the skin of weapons with saving its all attributes.


Surprise chests with unique gifts


New items in the Miracle Shop! Having opened Surprise chests you will be able get unique items, bars of gold, costumes, festive decorative skins and the crystals for the weapons.


Peace and quiet!


To send messages to the trade channel players have to get the third level.





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their is update that barb was op and that update was in rank era idk if barbarians have a chance to beacame op agen



lol cuz they are rich. understand now?  :facepalm:

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