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Jorge Zor


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Hello everyone we need to talk about the new map 😉.
I have a rogue +9 and I have to walk the map and do the quests, I can't imagine how the other players are moving around the map.
The idea of something new is wonderful, but we need new mechanics too to reduce this abusive damage from mobs, I don't want to have to make another set +10 just to walk the map.
I have a suggestion, as reputation as gained decreases mobs damage by a specific%.

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I'd honestly say that the damage dealt becomes dangerous once they crit you. Once new expert skills come, we will see the damage of these monsters less dangerous than before. Not to count the lv32 and the weaponry available. They yea hit hard,  but I am confident that it will be sorted out once we go on through the game: we said mobs were overpowered at T3 as well - we ended by soloing their strongest bosses.

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