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scammer in us sapphire


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sell all my arena weapons everything i  need gold for buy bg glows so i sell all my arena weapons am expected for exchange gold us sapphire to eu emerald chat in trade chat finaly i got one i talk to over  half hours u try to camme my gold i will inform in form he said don't need ur gold so don't scamme ur gold so i believe him first i give him a 5000 gold transfer scassefull suddenly he left the game . 1 hour latter he came back i said him give me my gold back he ignore me his name is

xso 15 level bd

xsooo 1 level ranger

another one mc side his name is

javaraax i give him a 7553 gold same thing he do me totally i lost 12553 gold us sapphire lots of scammer dump server no one help u they r selfish some ppls r really good other r god i can't go aging that server

never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever never

moderater do some thing to both

final i want say only one thing don't believe strangers

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Just 12k , my friend got scammed guiding glove by kingcool


My friend want trade his guiding glove with whispher bracelets


Then at trade kingcool give my friend polished bracelets n got scammed


Because of similar image.

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pleas modreder do something to both they name is

xso =level 15 bd us sapphire elf

xsooo= level 1 ranger us sapphire elf

jawaraax =level 18 rogue us sapphire mc

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