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The Best Your Friend in EU-Server

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  :clapping: who is ur best friend in EU.... and tell best story when u are with ur best friend  :drinks:

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I mistake and answer In saphire  :'(

But here the names : 

Mcsaken -

- Hassn 



-Pooja / angelicaien




-Sukai / Raisu


-more But here the first that comes to my mind


elves :

- hassnhero +his secret elf :blush:

-Sunnie (my friend from more than 1year and a really nice person )




-Acemi (his old ranger Kartal was the second Person i met In game)

-Maistero (the firSt Person i meet here , he delete this character long time ago)

-Idzok (hard name,he is the pandaaaa)

- " Mc "


New friend - Knox  :good: :blush:

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If u dont remember why i sayd it to you ... :facepalm:


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I honestly don't remember all of them, so i'll say the few i remember, in no specific order. No explanations, that'd take me too much space xd























I'll edit when i remember the ones i forgot xd


I cant see myself there  :cray:

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LOL!  this thread is about,  who is ur best friend?  in my opinion,  i know hassn,  he is nice,  good respect.  why i can put him as a best friend even he not put me as his best friend?


Oh No , you can put here who you prefer.

But from The moment that you dont know him from many time , i cant undertand it.Was Just wondering "Oh Yes ?"

I cant feel as my bestfriend Someone that dont think At Me like it.But its your feeling of course Not mine.

And We are a couple We have to accept each friends togather.Just that.


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Hmmm :shy:

i dnt remember all, i think its a lot, i hope :D

n i dont really know whats the meaning of friend/bestfriend :shy:


xregecide : a lot of help, laugh, story, n more, thnx for being my buddy :)

khaleds : a lot of help, laugh, story, n more, thnx for being my bro :)

petramon : a lot of help, laugh, story, n more, thnx for being my friend :)

rohit/cwelus : a lot of help, laugh, story, n ur bad joke :/, thnx for being my friend on ws from the first time i play

demigodssw : thanx to not let me alone at lake :P

shintyaa : a lot of help, laugh, story, n always miss me :D

ciamiau : thnx for help us on CL n ur heal :D

praga :  thnx for help us on CL n ur heal XD

zethu : thanx for the tips of ''Z'' at garr :D, n im not ur clone :/

argentinax : thanx for teachd me some of spanish :D, but forgot now XD

pichz : thnx for being my sista XD

... N many more, i think XD, my brain is not good enough XD, n now i dnt hve much time to play :'(


* I cant put any smiley :D, n sorry for my english :shy:

* zethx - bd - 10 mnts / days :'(

* babykage - bd - deleted

* robinboot - ranger - deleted


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I thik i dnt hv fren in here, if my friend, he mst always happy n dont sad.

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here my list ;)-


vanity( even if she dint mention me :()

hassn( i respect him for his generiosity and helpful)

rapidkill ( nub)

hellheal ( no nid oto mention.)

gaurav ( being der for me wen i was bored )

zethu ( love to kill him ) :spiteful:

dirtfox or livefox ( always came to help me wen i was in first island )

navajyoti ( deleted his char... i will always miss u )


etc etc etc etc etc lots lots of frenssss

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How can i start this? U all talk about high lvls ppl who i dont relly know at all and i know maybe my list can be full of totallly unknow or not too pro or whatever.


But i want to make my list.


Saken/mc side:


ZAQWERTE (warlock, lost his acc and went to elves side leaving my heart broked)

This guy is playing since a month. I knew him when i was lvl 10 and he was lvl 7 in random arena, we fought three times together IT WAS SO AWESOME we dont needed to talk he knew his work and use his warlock like i never saw before. He is my bestie cause with him in lvl 7 i defeated after a hundred battles even with pro partners, for the first time to my only enemies in Ws. (assu, pleis). After that we keep fighting and he reached 10 in arena rank in a few hours. He was my partner, we talk a lot and enjoy a lot fighting but one day he dissapeared :( )




Two brothers who win almost all arenas with the worst connection in Ws



The best poor player for lvl 10 and a super nice person.



The same as  zaq, we start fighting and we didnt need to talk. Everything was comfy with him. Then we start talking and hes one of the most nice persons that i meet in Ws





I meet this heros at the same time. We always fought together and i dont care if my ranking go to hell when play with skunk cause hes a nice guy. Yesterday he bought his arena spears cause i sacrifice a very beautiful ranking just to help him. Lovey is super nice and fun and the same, i like to go arena with her and try to teach them what i think that are my secrets to win.


Uffffffffff Im gonna make a second part of this cause i forget a lot of ppl and dont have time to keep writing.


And i still have to talk about elves side!


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-Rapidkill (sexy)


rapidkill ( sexy)


-Oneechan :blush: :blush:











-Dgray (original owner,not the retard hacker right now on it :facepalm: )

First ones who come to my mind,sorry if i forgot some :facepalm: .

And still meeting people in pvp cave 8) .

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Опубликованное фото


why? why u cry? :crazy:
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