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Can 2.3 gingerbread run this?


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i run it on android 2.1, see i got a budget phone when they were selling out my model and that was over a year ago. But it runs perfect. I think my wife got 2.4 or 2.6 and it runs perfect (but i cant remember for sure which she got).

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I have 1.6 and everytime I open app it force close please fix as soon as possible, and I know its not my phone because I cleared all cache and data and also factory reset my phone and it still force close! :facepalm:



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Nero cant you update your firmware? If im not mistaking 1.6 is the default factory version of android that comes with my model, but updates bring it up to 2.1. But my phone doesnt support any newer version of android then 2.1 cause of lack of memory and storage :P

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