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Suggestion on Pvp server and others


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Welcome. I have some cool ideas on which quite a long time I thought so:

1. New server pvp for fun: a special server to pvp with no large map similar to irselnort in the middle was a large battlefield. This server should be exp for killing the opposing faction and Signs, equipment, etc from bosses or special quest. On the server should be so that rich and poor have same chances to win. In miracle shop u can add very good outfits that are really fun and cool like troll face :)

2. U should add special equipment drop from mini bosses (leopard and others).

3. Pet which give nice bonuses should be good

4. This arena is now bad if you give normal points on 2x2 and 3x3 then this will be better because some people playing on phone and have really crazy lags on 5x5.

Please positive and negative comments, and add something of myself and maybe something will come of this. Thanks :)

I know this is very much time to realise it but try your best on this :)

Sorry for more than one suggestion in one topic

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