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Hi, I´d like to complain about the following barb skill: CHARGE.



I´m a lvl 20 rogue, and my best friend and arena partner in the game is a lvl 20 barbarian.



We have been months playing arenas, seeing very often how his stun fails when he charges an enemy player. And all the barbs in game are complaining about this fact.



All classes have at least 1 very useful skill,in my case gouge,that we all improve to the max.



The best skill for barbs is possibly CHARGE,that allows them to get close to the enemy and stun him for a while. However, most of the times, the enemy is not stunned,STUN FAILS,and it´s very annoying. ALL THE OTHER CLASSES´SKILLS (gouges,earthquakes,traps, and so on) fail very little, so i think it´s not fair for BARBS that their only chance to use their best skill is for nothing, and now taking into account the new classes such as warlocks that are very hard to defeat if that skill doesn´t work.



I dont need to remember that this game is not only for fun, but it´s also a business for others, and we are both players and clients. Some spend money in this game, so the least they can receive is not having problems with what they are playing to,or at least having skills that work AS GOOD AS OTHER PLAYERS SKILLS.



I have seen many complaints about this fact, and althought i am a rogue, i think they are right. In addition, i play so many arenas with my barb friend and 8 per 10 times, STUN fails, we have to work harder than our enemies to kill them. And i don´t see earthquakes or traps failing...NEVER.



I think this should be fixed, revised or explained, and before doing "COOL" events such as halloween and such things, it would be better to fix some SERIOUS things a lot of people AND CLIENTS (barbs in this case) are complaining about.



I´m looking forward to hearing from devs about this topic.









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Very good topic Jar. And thanks too. Totaly right about charge. barb have only charge, and charge fail 80% :unknw: traps fail rare, and blind... i never see blind fail on me or earthquake. When they use blind we walk all the arena and they keep hit and hit. And when come our turn to do something charge fail  :unknw: and we keep walking around or we get in trap because blind reload more fast then charge and they use again and again. This is really unfair. Do something AIGRIND, fix that skill...

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Yep we all know it. Any magic class vs a barb with equal amplification.....barb will eat dirt. Barb has the worst skills of all. Roar not so great as a dmg reducer. Chop doesn't hav as much power as blade dancers hamstring. Charge needs damage added to it if the stun is going to fail often as it does.

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:clapping: I Hope Developer Read and Can Understand With This :clapping:

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:cray: :sorry: Ahhhhh,,, I have seen many same threads,, requested a lot,,,, BUT devs never replied,,,, :facepalm: :facepalm:

And nw i think even if they reply,, their reply will be :sorry:

"" You are not a game designer, we are, we hate barb. class, so u'll be what u r,, F*ck off"" :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:

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